We care
about the planet



Àuria Perfumes is a forward-thinking company, therefore the preservation and respect for the environment is in our DNA.


All the processes we carry out to create perfumes and cosmetics follow a sustainability plan that covers everything from the supply of raw materials to the selection of all the elements that compose the packaging of the products we manufacture.

Responsible sourcing policy

Àuria Perfumes has a responsible purchasing policy in which, beyond
economic criteria, quality and social responsibility , as well as
proximity and sustainability are our top priority in the selection of


These are our criteria for selecting our suppliers under sustainable parameters:

Origin of the raw materials

We give preference to local producers to minimise the carbon footprint in the
transport of materials.

Raw material processing conditions

We select our suppliers based on their protocols for processing raw materials using sustainable methods.

Product life

We assess the life cycle of the products we manufacture to reduce the environmental impact.


Working towards circular economy

We select the most sustainable options for our packagings, choosing
natural, recycled and reusable materials that reduce the
environmental footprint of our products (i.e. reduction in energy,
water and raw material consumption.)

Quality certifications and standards

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