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Today we want to explain to you what strengths make us a perfume manufacturer with great potential. We have been working with international companies for over 14 years, creating unique fragrances with soul, personalized to detail and that reflect the identity and values of the brands that trust us. We have facilities of 10,000 square meters, and we have great professionals and an honest vision of the perfume business, which makes us a solid partner to create fragrances for brands.


Àuria Perfumes, specialist in creating fragrances for brands


Starting from a briefing, our team of professionals guides the client at all times and receives their feedback to ensure that the final fragrance faithfully reflects the identity of the brand.


Thanks to our complete perfume creation service and our Private Label division, we address the entire process of creating fragrances for brands, from concept to the final product, ready to be marketed.

We take care of all the processes involved in creating a perfume for a brand:

Concept and design.
Raw materials.
Quality controls.
Regulations and standards.
Final evaluation of the fragrance.

In addition, we offer our clients the possibility of customizing the fragrance to fit the brand’s image and positioning.


Àuria Perfumes, fabricante de fragancias para marcas

Àuria Perfumes offers a full service to create fragrances for brands, starting from the perfume concept to the finished product ready for commercialization.


10 distinctive features of Àuria Perfumes when manufacturing fragrances for brands


1.- Experience

Àuria Perfumes has over 14 years of experience creating fragrances for national and international clients. During these years we have worked diligently to improve and expand our services, until we became a full-service perfumery. This allows us to provide both contract manufacturing services and a complete perfume creation service. So, we are open to working with other perfume manufacturers as partners to expand their production capacity, or with fashion and retail firms that want to launch their own fragrance project, given the profitability of the perfume business.


2.- Facilities

In our 10,200 m2 plant, we can produce up to 50 million units of perfumes per year.

We have semi-automatic drum filling systems and pneumatic agitators that facilitate and accelerate the industrial process that ends with the maceration and filtering of the formula so that, as a final result, we have a high-quality fragrance. In the last year, we have improved our packaging and conditioning facilities with a semi-automatic packaging and boxing machine.

We adapt to all perfume formats:


  • Semi-automatic filling machines for vials from 1.5 ml to 10 ml and bottles from 500 ml to 5 l.

  • Automatic filling machines with manual feeding for containers with a capacity of 30 ml to 500 ml, for containers with screw cap, engraved in different sizes and clicked.


One aspect we are committed to is sustainability. We believe in a green future for perfumery. That’s why in 2021, we installed 408 solar panels that allowed us to reduce energy consumption by 24%.


“Our factory is located in one of the regions with the highest solar potential in the country. For this reason, and aware of the efficiency of this type of technology to meet the energy needs of the industry in the most responsible way, a year ago we decided to undertake this investment that will generate 24% of the energy needed in the daily activity of this center,” explains Albert Piñol, director of Àuria Perfumes. At present, 100% of the energy consumed by the company is green.



Àuria Perfumes

Our company has a highly qualified staff. We are a special employment center that offers quality jobs.


3.- Work team

The Àuria Perfumes staff is composed of diverse profiles and specialists in each area of work: from chemists and marketing experts to qualified personnel to perform manipulations and give the final touch to a product as special as a perfume.

In addition, our social character makes us a partner that completes the social and inclusive policies of our partners, since we are essentially a special employment center that offers quality jobs to people with disabilities, perfectly trained to perform their work activity. Currently, 70% of the company’s workforce is composed of 430 people, 70% of whom have some kind of disability.

4.- Production method

Agility, flexibility, and diligence distinguish our fragrance production method for brands. As developers and packers of perfumes for over 14 years, we have a solution for every problem that may arise in the manufacturing process:


Perfume maceration in INOX and ATEX drums.

Packaging: customization of bottle finishes and packaging.




5.- Flexibility

Our work team brings together a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals to develop all types of perfumery and cosmetic projects. They are prepared to work closely with clients and to adapt to changes and brand requests with agility and flexibility.

As for industrial processes, facilities, and capacities of our factory, they place us at the level of a large company, which allows us to be flexible and adapt to different production volumes. This way, we can make adjustments to meet the needs of our customers according to market demands.


Àuria Perfumes

The perfumery projects we undertake contemplate customization, both of the essence and the bottle and packaging, so that the fragrance fully adapts to the image and values of the brand.

6.- Safety

At Àuria Perfumes, we make sure that the final fragrance has the quality required by the client and is completely safe. To do this, our laboratory and regulatory technicians are constantly updated on regulations and perform the relevant controls during the different production phases.

7.- Innovation

Capturing the final consumer is the goal we have when we initiate a fragrance creation project for brands. For this, it is vital to know the new trends that are coming to the perfumery business.

Natural ingredients and new biodegradable molecules, reusable or recyclable packaging, essences that help relaxation, or perfumes with oriental nuances are trends that mark the current moment of perfumery and that will give rise to the perfumery of the future, in which Àuria Perfumes is focusing to generate innovative and sustainable products that connect with the new generations of consumers.

8.- Customization

Aligning the values of the brand and the perfume is one of our specialties. We are experts in creating a storytelling that excites the consumer and makes them appreciate the brand even more or that allows us to open doors to new consumers.

We customize each perfume proposal because we believe it is the only way to reach the consumer and have their loyalty.

9.- Quality controls

All fragrances we produce in our factory meet the necessary requirements to ensure their safety and quality.

Our technicians supervise the different phases of perfume production:


The first step is to evaluate the quality of raw materials.

Then, all the elements where the perfume will be processed, such as drums, filling machines, and reactors, are supervised and conditioned.

We control the quality of all the elements that will be part of the packaging.

We have a cosmetic product safety report required by Regulation EC No. 1223/2009.

We review the finished product.


Àuria Perfumes has the Good Manufacturing Practices Certification for Cosmetics (UNE-EN ISO 22716) and complies with the requirements demanded by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).


Perfume manufacturer private label, Àuria Perfumes

At Àuria Perfumes, we work with diverse profiles of clients, both national and international, who share our social and ethical objectives.


10.- Honesty

At Àuria Perfumes, we offer an honest fragrance creation service for brands. Our philosophy is to provide excellent service to our clients and do so with a highly involved team that contributes to creating a high-level product to compete in the dynamic fragrance market, where Spain is the second-largest exporter worldwide.

“As a special employment center, our staff is composed of 70% people with disabilities. They are a qualified and highly motivated team that demonstrates every day that they can work and contribute their effort to society just like any other person,” says Piñol.

As you can see, at Àuria Perfumes, we focus on people because we believe in companies’ ability to achieve a fairer and more egalitarian society.



Now is the time to launch a fragrance for your brand. We want to be part of your project. Contact us.