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The female perfumery represents 64% of fragrance consumption in Spain. According to Kantar, two out of every three perfume users are women. Therefore, perfume manufacturers and brands focus a large part of their launches on the female category. At Àuria Perfumes, we have a team of highly skilled professionals, as well as our own factory to develop full-service perfumery projects for third parties, which allows us to design the best women’s perfume for your brand. Do you want to know what ingredients a successful women’s fragrance should have?


How we create the best women’s perfume for a brand


When we talk about the ingredients a fragrance must have to be considered the best women’s perfume for a brand, we are not only referring to the quality of raw materials but also to the values that must nourish it to make it a sales success.


Mujer con un frasco de perfume. Texto: Àuria Perfumes fabricante mejor perfume de mujer para tu marca.

Spanish consumers prefer floral fragrances, a fact to take into account when creating the best women’s perfume for a brand, but bearing in mind that each fragrance must have its own personality.

1. A defined personality

Consumers mainly identify with floral ingredients or those that transport them to nature and with fruity notes. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Kantar.

Despite the three defined trends in women’s olfactory preferences, when creating a new perfume, it is vital to give it a unique personality that sets it apart from the rest and gives it its own character.

It is a fact that perfumes with unique and original olfactory notes have a better chance of success than those that use generic formulas. For this reason, our Private Label department works in synergy with the client to develop a fragrance tailored to their needs and values. The goal is to create the best women’s perfume for the brand.


2. Quality and sustainability


At Àuria Perfumes, we are clear that only by using quality ingredients can we produce an excellent final fragrance. For this reason, we work with a supply plan integrated by rigorous suppliers who ensure the origin and traceability of raw materials.

In addition to having first-quality essential oils, we are aware of the potential of new technologies to obtain new ingredients that allow the creation of unusual fragrances, but also to have upcycling (recycled) or biodegradable ingredients. The future of perfumery lies in adding value to the fragrance, and biotechnology and ethical sourcing are essential to contribute to the development of more sustainable and responsible products.


Perfume con flores rosas. Texto: Àuria Perfumes fabricante mejor perfume de mujer para tu marca.

There are increasingly more possibilities when it comes to creating a committed and sustainable female perfumery project with quality ingredients, of natural origin or resulting from biotechnology and upcycling techniques.

3. Duration and projection of a fragrance, what to choose?


Perfumes that last for a prolonged period on the skin and have good projection (that is, that the aroma is well perceived in the air) are highly valued by consumers. To ensure that these two attributes are present in the fragrance, we must choose quality ingredients that allow us to make an optimal perfumed juice.

It is necessary to differentiate between two concepts, duration, and projection: normally, most consumers positively appreciate the duration, that the perfume can be felt throughout the day. Then, there will be consumers who also value the projection or sillage, the fragrance’s ability to be perceived by others and wherever we go. Although traditionally, Spain has been a country with a predominance of fresh fragrances with moderate sillage, currently, the preference for intense and oriental perfumes is increasing.


4. Brand relevance


Brand reputation is an important factor for sales success, as a firm with notoriety and valued by consumers has the attention of the public to receive news. However, at Àuria Perfumes, we know that the reverse process is possible; that is, gaining notoriety through perfume, since a well-directed launch allows us to reposition or relaunch the brand, increasing its attractiveness, gaining consumers, and strengthening its relationship with them.


5. Easy to wear


Floral, citrus, and fruity fragrances are the favorites of Spanish women, according to Kantar. These are soft and easy-to-wear olfactory notes, usually present in women’s perfumes suitable for everyday use. However, depending on how the combination of accords is worked, we can achieve a distinctive essence that has been fully personalized for our client’s brand.

Do you want a women’s perfume that appeals to a broad audience but stands out for its own character? At Àuria Perfumes, we know how to create the perfect fragrance for each brand.


Mujer vestida con un traje de fiesta posando. Texto: Àuria Perfumes fabricante mejor perfume de mujer para tu marca.

Our commitment to creating the best women’s perfume for a brand is based on connecting with the consumer, creating positive feelings of empowerment and happiness.


6. Must be seductive


Perfume has always been associated with seduction and social life, an attribute that has been accentuated even more since the pandemic. The return of social relationships and the enjoyment of activities outside the home has boosted the sale of fragrances like never before. Perfume sales grew 20.5% in 2022 compared to the previous year, and 12% if we look at 2019 data.

54% of Spanish women want their perfume to make them feel more confident, and 52% feel prettier when they wear perfume. These data corroborate the importance of a brand having its own line of perfumes, as it is a way to complete the universe of the brand with its own olfactory stamp.


7. An atractive design

The design of the bottle and packaging influences the perfume’s sales success, as it is the first factor that can make it attractive to the consumer. Whether online or in physical stores, a fragrance’s packaging must make it different from its competitors, as well as respond to the brand’s identity.

At Àuria Perfumes, we take care of the entire process of developing a perfume, both the essence and the design of the bottle and packaging, in order for the project to be coherent and generate a positive emotional impact on consumers.


8. Versátil, but different

The female consumer likes to alternate between several perfumes depending on the season, time of day, or even the occasion when the fragrance will be applied; for example, they choose more intense or luxurious perfumes for special occasions. Data shows that only 27% of women are loyal to one perfume. 73% prefer to change fragrances, and in addition to the reasons mentioned above, we must consider the fascination with novelties as another reason to purchase a perfume. If we focus on consumer behavior, women are more sensitive to launches.

At Àuria Perfumes, we help our clients create a launch strategy to nurture the brand with a catalog of fragrances that meet consumer needs. This way, the brand can create a complete collection of women’s perfumes to be used in different situations and different times of the year, both day and night.


9. It must excite the consumer

Perfumes that evoke emotions or feelings such as happiness, tranquility, or passion generate a more solid emotional connection with consumers.

According to Kantar, Spaniards value feelings of relaxation, luxury, and sophistication above all.

How do we work at Àuria Perfumes to create perfumes with soul? We constantly analyze trends and select the ones that best fit the brand we are working with. Through the leading olfactory notes of the fragrance, we create a story that evokes pleasant sensations for the consumer. The goal: to make the consumer happy, which translates into loyalty to the perfume and brand.


9. It has to be authentic

If we have been consistent with the previous nine points, the resulting perfume will be highly valued by the consumer who is looking for something unique and genuine. We will have successfully completed the entire process of creating a fragrance, from the idea to the final product, and we will have the best women’s perfume for your brand.


Do you want to launch a perfume project for your brand? Take the first step and contact us.