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Mintel trend consultancy has presented the beauty trends for 2024, which are the evolution of some concepts we have been working on after the pandemic: well-being, environment, technology, rights, identity, value, and experiences. It’s time to think about what will capture consumers’ interests next year to create the right fragrance for your brand.


Beauty Trends Radar 2024: New Concepts for Creating Fragrances for Your Brand


Did you know that at Àuria Perfumes, we can have a new perfume ready for launch within 4 to 6 months?

We start by creating the olfactory proposal first, followed by the design of the packaging. Once we receive the client’s approval, the entire internal process of material procurement, manufacturing, maceration, packaging, and product handling (if the project requires it) begins. In summary, we need an average of 4 to 6 months from receiving the creative order to delivering the product to the client,” explains Albert Piñol, the company’s general director.


Currently, we serve both national and international clients, including fashion and retail brands who rely on Àuria Perfumes’ 15 years of experience in the perfume industry. Our extensive experience enables us to tackle projects of varying complexity with high standards of quality, in line with the brand’s reputation associated with the fragrance.


Mintel’s analysis regarding what we’ll see in the cosmetic and perfume sector in 2024 translates into three new concepts:


  1. Neuroglow: Well-being will be more associated than ever with the mind-body connection, linking mental health with physical appearance.


  1. Beauty AI: Artificial intelligence will accelerate beauty personalization processes, making them more efficient, effective, and transparent.


  1. Sophisticated Simplicity: The demand for effective and high-quality products will transform the beauty industry.




Tendencias de belleza 2024: creamos una fragancia para tu marca

One of the beauty trends for 2024 focuses on mind-body connections to improve well-being through fragrances that elicit positive neurological responses.


1.- Beauty Trend 2024: Neuroglow


Consumers are prioritizing their well-being to feel better and achieve a mind-body balance. How can brands help them feel better in their own skin? From the perspective of fragrances, neurobiological studies are demonstrating their ability to modulate emotional states, helping us improve our mood, whether we need to relax or need an extra energy boost. Perfumes go beyond this, as they also contribute to boosting people’s self-esteem, reinforcing empowerment, and even making us look and feel more attractive and sexy.


Mintel reveals that physical and mental well-being is different for each person. For this reason, brands must study how to adapt to their consumers with a personalized approach.


The trend for well-being is expected to become widespread in the beauty industry next year through ingredients that provide calm and relaxation, such as neroli and lavender.




Tendencias de belleza 2024: creamos una fragancia para tu marca

Artificial intelligence allows the development of perfumes with very specific criteria, introducing precise parameters that result in fragrances with a defined purpose, such as fragrances with natural or biodegradable ingredients.



2.- Beauty Trends 2024: Artificial Intelligence


Data-driven insights have gained a new dimension with the rise of artificial intelligence. Today, we can not only track and analyze emerging beauty trends on social media but also direct artificial intelligence to create essences with a well-defined criterion.


As Mintel points out, artificial intelligence will optimize ingredient sourcing, packaging, and waste reduction.


Moreover, AI will play a crucial role in physical retail stores by providing consumers with new digital experiences that allow them to explore the world of fragrances more intensively. For example, it can provide enriched fragrance information to consumers through digital devices or enable more precise product testing without overwhelming the sense of smell, thus multiplying the possibilities of discovering new perfumes.



Tendencias de belleza 2024: creamos una fragancia para tu marca

The luxury perfume category is evolving towards sustainable luxury, characterized by streamlined packaging with more sustainable elements, and even allowing for refills, with a focus on natural ingredients and eco-friendly processes.



3.- Beauty Trends 2024: Sophisticated Simplicity


Mintel points out a third trend that is transforming the beauty industry, focusing on the effectiveness and functionality of products. Consumers value simplicity, which they associate with more sustainable approaches, as opposed to excess, in terms of packaging and marketing campaigns.


This trend highlights the quality of ingredients, where the value of the product can be justified by the quality of the ingredients. The consultancy also notes that consumers prefer to spend on products with good ingredients rather than products with superficial factors such as packaging.

The prominence of ingredients should position us, as manufacturers, in a transparent position to make all relevant product information accessible to consumers.


It’s worth noting that certifications will play a more significant role. The new law being prepared by the European Union to combat greenwashing will require honest marketing and the use of verified and certified labels. Àuria Perfumes anticipates these requirements and has the Cosmos Organic label for brands looking to launch a natural cosmetic or fragrance product.


According to Mintel’s predictions, a wave of minimalism is approaching in the luxury segment, driven by the fashion industry’s investment in high-quality basic pieces with timeless appeal.


Brands are focused on sustainable innovation to drive their growth in a new era of conscious consumption.


En el sector de la perfumería, el lujo sostenible se está traduciendo en líneas de fragancias con una puesta en escena sencilla (frascos con diseños depurados, tapones de madera, válvulas monomaterial, etc.) y conceptos olfativos que apelan a emociones universales para conectar con el consumidor. Ingredientes sencillos, fácilmente reconocibles por los consumidores, se combinan con alguna materia prima exclusiva que eleva el posicionamiento del perfume.


Regarding packaging, the focus is on recyclable and recycled materials, as well as reusability, allowing the refill of containers.


Are you thinking of launching a perfume in 2024? It’s time to take the first step in your project. Àuria Perfumes will help you turn your idea into reality in an easy, efficient, and agile manner. Contact us without obligation.