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⦁ Auria’s social mission is to provide employment to people at risk of social exclusion. 70% of its workforce is made up of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

⦁ The first collection resulting from this collaboration, “The Energy Collection,” consists of four floral, gourmand, and citrus fragrances aimed at the female audience.

⦁ These initial fragrances are already available in Stradivarius’ global network of stores.

Auria Perfumes, a manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics, and home ambiance products for third parties, with 15 years of experience in the market, becomes the perfume supplier for Stradivarius (Inditex).

This key alliance signifies the consolidation of the strategic plan initiated by Auria Perfumes just a year ago, aiming to become one of the leading players in the perfume industry. For Stradivarius, the agreement entails having a new range of exclusive fragrances for over 850 stores that the Stradivarius chain has across 65 countries.

One of Auria Perfumes distinctive features is its social focus, as the company is committed not only to environmental sustainability but also to social sustainability, employing fully trained and prepared individuals with disabilities to add value to perfumery projects.

Stradivarius recently launched the fragrance collection “The Energy Collection,” a result of this collaboration with Auria Perfumes. It’s a collection composed of four fragrances: Rose Quartz (Gourmand), Green Jade (Citrus), Yellow Amber (Floral), and Amethyst Lilac (Floral), targeting the female audience in 100ml format, with plans to continue developing new collections for the chain.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Inditex, a global reference in the fashion industry, and specifically with Stradivarius, a brand with a dynamic and feminine spirit, offering fashion options for various occasions, for those seeking to express their style through affordable clothing and accessories. Our fragrances are aimed at them, through a social model that employs over 400 individuals with intellectual disabilities, using an inspiring, meticulous, and exclusive process that guarantees to evoke emotions with every drop of essence,” stated Albert Piñol, the company’s CEO.

“Auria Perfumes is a unique company in the third-party Perfumery sector; we have a clearly defined social mission, providing excellent service in this strategically vital category for fashion chains like Stradivarius, who become our partners,” declared Jesus Mejias, Business Development Manager.

Auria Perfumes operates in the field of full-service (Private Label) and Contract Manufacturing of perfumery. The company offers a comprehensive service for creating customized perfume collections, ranging from branding and fragrance design tailored to each client’s needs, to production, packaging, handling, and delivery of the final product, including all regulatory aspects for introducing the product in different international markets.

Auria Perfumes boasts an industrial plant covering 10,200 square meters located in Igualada, Barcelona, equipped with clean areas, laboratories, maceration rooms with a capacity of 144,000 liters per month, packaging areas for alcoholic products, and handling areas. Apart from perfumes, the company manufactures home ambiance collections for its clients.

The company’s aim is to end the 2023 fiscal year with a turnover of €17 million and a production capacity of 50 million perfume units, with a workforce of over 440 employees.

Auria Perfumes is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility at every stage of the fragrance manufacturing process. From the origin of raw materials, the company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint by giving preference to local producers, thus minimizing the environmental impact associated with material transportation. When choosing suppliers, Auria Perfumes evaluates not only the quality of raw materials but also the production protocols that must comply with sustainable methods. Going beyond, Auria Perfumes considers the life cycle of its products, conducting thorough assessments to minimize environmental impact. This holistic approach reflects the company’s strong belief in the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, positioning it as a benchmark in the perfumery industry committed to caring for the planet and society.


Stradivarius, born as a family-owned women’s fashion company, joined the Inditex Group in 1999. Its design teams, comprising passionate professionals open to change, translate current trends into unique and innovative styles to inspire and stimulate us.

Àuria Perfumes:

Auria Perfumes is a Spanish company founded in 1972 in Igualada (Barcelona). The company specializes in the development, manufacturing, and packaging of perfumes and cosmetics for third parties, established as a reference in the industry, serving major distribution chains (MDD), fashion brands, and retail, operating internationally, particularly in European and American markets.

Auria Perfumes is endorsed by ISO-9001, ISO-14001, GMP, and Cosmos certifications, maintaining corporate social responsibility standards. Its quality and sustainability in fragrance and cosmetic production led it to be one of the nine Spanish companies authorized by AEMPS in 2020 to manufacture and commercialize hydroalcoholic solutions, being the only social economy entity authorized for this purpose.

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