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Àuria Perfumes prepares to grow. The strategic restructuring carried out in recent months at Àuria Perfumes has allowed us to reinforce our structure and become a full service perfume and cosmetics company for third parties. This will enable us to grow our business by 20% in 2022.

Àuria Perfumes prepares to grow by 20%

We love challenges because endurance is in our DNA. And it’s precisely this quality that has helped us overcome any difficulties, grow from adversity, accept new challenges and move forward knowing that people with functional diversity add value to our project.

That’s why this year we intend to grow by 20%. A double-digit objective that will further expand our activity in Spain – where we already work with leading companies –and reinforce our commitment to internationalization and to keep working in more qualitative projects aimed at selective perfumery.

Currently, 70% of our business is based on alliances with Spanish companies, and approximately 20% of what we produce is exported to the European market. We work with the main national fashion and retail distribution chains, and also with international companies, which helps us place our products in more than 80 different markets.

Since our company is based on the social economy model and 70% of our workforce has some sort of disability, the increase in turnover will allow us to create and maintain quality employment and, consequently, make a social and economic contribution to our society.

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Our aim is to demonstrate that people with intellectual disabilities are good professionals who bring economic benefits to society just like any other person. This is a proven fact that encourages us to grow and to employ even more professionals in vulnerable situations, so that we can fulfil our mission“, said Albert Piñol, CEO of the company.

The ultimate goal is not to maximise economic benefits, but to improve people’s quality of life and enhance social benefits by means of a real and effective inclusion.

We face 2022 with enthusiasm, knowing that we are ready to offer a high quality design and manufacturing service for fragrances and cosmetics, and that we are able to respond to our clients’ needs at a competitive cost.

We have the ingredients to become a strategic partner for perfumery projects:

14 years of experience in contract manufacturing of perfumes and cosmetics.

– A highly qualified technical team.

– A highly motivated and professionally trained staff.

Facilities that meet the standards of a large company (10,200 m2).

– Large industrial capacity (30 million units per year).


For further details on our business prospects, you can read the news published in Modaes: “Àuria Perfumes is gaining momentum abroad to grow by 20% in 2022


with the best price and guarantee