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The sensory and emotional power of a perfume allows for a unique connection with consumers and can even influence their perception of a brand’s quality and value. For this reason, having a fragrance for your brand can serve as a lever to activate or boost a marketing strategy.

We create a fragrance to boost your brand’s marketing strategy and increase profitability.

Fragrances can improve consumers’ relationship with a brand, as they associate positive and pleasurable sensations that serve to reinforce the bond between them. As consumer uses the perfume, they keep the brand in mind and are more likely to be attracted to the products that it markets. This translates into greater loyalty towards the brand and, in the long run, a predisposition to be willing to pay more for the items of the firm in question.

The launch of a perfume helps to reinforce the brand’s image, improve its positioning, open the doors to new consumers, and strengthen the bond with them.

How can a fragrance help boost a brand’s marketing strategy?

Reinforcement of the brand’s image

A perfume can help to reinforce the image of a fashion brand and position it as a sophisticated and high-quality brand. For this, the fragrance must be consistent with the brand’s values and image, an aspect in which Àuria Perfumes is an expert after more than 14 years of working for large fashion firms and distribution chains.

Expand the brand’s reach

The launch of perfume can allow a brand to reach a wider audience. Why? Because a fragrance can attract people who do not necessarily buy clothes or items from the brand, but who are interested in its aspirational projection, and the fragrance can be the gateway to the brand.

At Àuria Perfumes, we know that a perfume can expand the brand’s customer base and increase its visibility, and therefore, its profitability.

Boost sales

A perfume is a profitable product that can significantly contribute to increasing the revenues of a fashion brand. Additionally, if a perfume is successful, it can get customers interested in other products of the brand. In fact, the relationship between perfume and fashion has a long history and is a successful formula for both designer brands and commercial brands targeting a broad audience.

Creation of a unique sensory experience

A perfume can create a unique sensory experience that helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

At Àuria Perfumes, we have a creative team capable of bringing fragrances to life with soul, uniqueness, and attractiveness, which contribute to customers associating them with the brand and a pleasant sensory experience, which increases loyalty to the brand.

Advertising campaign

The launch of a perfume can be an interesting opportunity to create an eye-catching advertising campaign that captures the attention of consumers. It can help to create expectation and enthusiasm around the brand with a marketing strategy developed specifically for the fragrance launch, contributing to repositioning it in a younger market, for example.

Knowing the consumer we are targeting is essential to develop a coherent concept that identifies the brand with the fragrance and its target audience.

Knowing the consumer to define the marketing strategy before the launch of a perfume To create a line of fragrances that is consistent with a brand, we must start by combining a series of elements such as the brand’s identity, its values, market trends, the characteristics of our target consumer and the marketing message that will accompany the launch. A vital issue is that both the brand and the perfume must evoke emotions. We must be able to evoke a mood in the consumer.

The Àuria Perfumes team works closely with creatives, perfumers, and laboratory technicians to develop innovative, high-quality, safe, and attractive fragrances. Each client receives personalized treatment and continuous support throughout the entire perfume creation process to ultimately have a unique essence ready to be marketed.

Customers want to feel positive emotions and personal reinforcement through perfume.

What do customers want to find in a brand? Unlimited access to information through the internet and social networks has given rise to a new type of consumer, one that is informed, social, and multichannel. So, we must constantly reinvent ourselves to surprise and reach them. How do we do it? By studying the sociological profile of the target audience, their needs, desires, and aspirations.

1.- Emotion We must create emotions, and make the customer feel special, and a fragrance is an item with a great sensory and emotional load. In fact, 60% of Spaniards look for perfumes that awaken sensations, according to Kantar data.

Spanish consumers look for fragrances that make them feel good:

70% relaxation. 58% luxury. 58% sophistication. In addition, consumer chooses perfumes that help them express certain feelings and are a reflection of their personality, according to Kantar.

Female consumers choose fragrances based on how they make them feel:

54% feel more confident. 52% feel prettier. 44% reflect how they feel. 47% feel sexier. 41% reflects their inner light. 35% feel more powerful. Male consumers choose fragrances that provoke the following emotions:

61% feel more confident. 48% feel more handsome. 46% reflect how they feel. 39% feel sexier. 41% reflects their inner light. 45% feel more powerful.

2.- Identifying with the brand Consumers buy brands that provide them with an identity, associating values with products. They need to be socially interpreted, and perfume is a relevant expression in their life. 61% of Spaniards say that perfume is fundamental in their life, according to Kantar.

One aspect that weighs in the decision to buy a fragrance is its relationship with fashion and style. How does the consumer want to feel when they wear the fragrance? After all, the perfume becomes a second skin and completes the personal image.

It is interesting to weigh the differences between fashionista consumers and generic consumers. According to Kantar, 78.2% of fashionista consumers believe that perfume is a fundamental part of their daily routine, 78% use perfumes that make them feel secure, and 74.2% like to be identified by their perfume. Meanwhile, generic consumers attach importance to perfume and also like to be recognized by their fragrance, but they are also attracted to perfumes that make them feel more secure.

At Àuria Perfumes, we have been making consumers happy with special fragrances, created in synergy with our clients, for whom we offer continuous support throughout the process for over 14 years. From our new Private Label division, we provide a complete service for the development of perfume lines: from concept and design to the elaboration of the essence, it’s production, packaging, and manipulation. All of this, is at our factory in Igualada (Barcelona), where we have 10,000 square meters of industrial surface area and a great team of professionals.