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It’s a fact that opting for a contract manufacturing partner in perfumery means a comprehensive benefit for brands that want to develop a line of perfumes, but you must also know, take into account and acknowledge that this process involves thorough knowledge of the procedures to meet the market requirements. That’s why the selection of this strategic partner, with whom we can give life to a perfume, is a job in itself.

Not just anyone will do.

How has a contract manufacturing partner evolved in perfumery?

Contract Manufacturing is still a customized externalization process that companies turn to for one purpose: to improve their quality, service and offer a product with all the guarantees. In recent years, the professionalization and specialization of companies that manufacture perfumes for others have led them to offer customized solutions, since they have the capacity and the specialized knowledge about manufacturing that they need.

Among the outsourced perfume manufacturing options are:

  • Development
  • Formulation
  • Manufacturing

This service gives them a finished product that abides by the parameters provided by the company itself and, thus, with the same conditions and characteristics as if it had been manufactured internally. This is what is super attractive and irreplaceable for companies that, like Áurea Perfumes, are specialized in the counter-manufacturing of perfumes. They operate not just by providing results, they also do so with clear, defined costs and efforts focused on processes while minimizing risks.

Àuria Perfumes, fábrica de perfumes, contract manufacturing de perfumes y cosmética.

At Àuria, we have 10,200 m2 of industrial plant facilities equipped with clean areas, laboratories, maceration rooms, alcoholic product packaging rooms and handling areas.


One of the reasons that lead companies to hire third parties is that they do not have the infrastructure, space, innovation or specific technology to carry out all stages of the process.

What do I look for when choosing a partner to delegate our perfume production?

The goal is to respond with the impeccable materialization of the perfume, exactly as it is defined, but also with the agility of response, the support and the high quality in the process that is at the same level, which successfully manages to produce the product.

For this reason, the trend is to look for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Sufficient experience
  • The necessary resources
  • Specialized personnel
  • Continuous evaluation, testing and regulatory measures to control all the ingredients that are used in the production of the fragrance, the intermediate processes and, of course, the final product.
  • The proper facilities
  • Code of good practices

Àuria Perfumes is specialized in the contract manufacturing of perfumes

perfume contract manufacturing partner

How to choose your Contract manufacturing partner for perfumes 6

Our facilities, with the capacity to produce 50 million units per year and a creative team enable us to offer a full fragrance manufacturing service. To meet our goals, at Àuria Perfumes we have a 10,200 square meter industrial plant equipped with clean areas, laboratories, maceration rooms, alcohol product packaging rooms and handling areas.

Thank to our experience as perfume manufacturers for third parties, we can optimize the fragrance development processes in order to meet your needs as contract manufacturing service partners.

Have you ever wondered what is most important in a Contract Manufacturing process?