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Our social mission, of which Corporate social responsibility is a part, makes our project a business model focused on people and the social return of our activity. Àuria is composed of a group of social economy organizations with a common mission to create employment opportunities and improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and those in vulnerable situations.

That’s why, once they have completed their professional training, which takes into account their different abilities, they join us to develop, manufacture, and package fragrances and cosmetic products. This way, we build a specialized and trained team with a respect for diversity.

Corporate social responsibility: our commitment to society

Our motto, “Creating perfumes with soul”, encompasses all our values: transparency, professionalism, innovation, and a commitment to people. Our team is composed of more than 400 people, of which 70% have intellectual disabilities. So, regarding functional diversity, our goal is to guarantee the full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities by means of creating job opportunities.

Àuria Perfumes’ projects

Àuria Perfumes’ projects are born to generate quality employment, proving that a different economic model, which is based on people, is possible. Therefore, whenever we generate economic benefits, it is reinvested in creating new job opportunities.

“Àuria Perfumes is an example of how corporate social responsibility and creating wealth can actually benefit our society”, said Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes.

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We want to become an ally for our partners

The social nature of our activity makes us a strategic partner for our associates, which we provide with mechanisms to ensure compliance with current regulations on the labor inclusion of people with disabilities for companies with more than 50 employees.

The importance of diversity

However, our commitment to inclusion is not based on quotas, but on the strong conviction that our team embodies the values of diversity, professionalism, commitment, talent, creativity, and engagement. This diversity enriches us and provides us with a multitude of points of view, which are key to offering the best service to our clients.

People and their own talent

Working with a group composed of different kinds of people allows us to approach projects from different perspectives, enhancing the talent of each person, as an essential part of the professional team. At Àuria Perfumes, we contribute to the generation of employment to accomplish our mission by recruiting talent so that everyone can fulfill their life project.


We are your partners

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