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Every fashion brand wants to have its own perfume. And not just fashion brands. Nowadays it is an aspiration for almost every brand and many retailers. Why? The answer is very simple: Differentiation. Having your own perfume brand complements your universe and your catalog for customers who identify with your brand values. If you already have loyal customers, or if you are working on loyalty strategies, creating a perfume will allow you to further strengthen that connection because perfumes have great power over one of the most evocative senses: the sense of smell, which is able to evoke emotions and create a strong connection with people.


What can a perfume brand bring to your business?

Differentiation: makes your brand different and unique.

Loyalty: perfume constitutes an essential accessory for Spaniards. (14.2 million Spaniards bought fragrances in 2021, according to data provided by Kantar).

Emotions: fragrances evoke sensations that connect with consumers.

Benefits: we design unique fragrances that will help you improve the benefits generated by your brand.

Adding perfume to your brand’s offer will help you reinforce it. Building a brand is a long process and requires constant updating and dynamization to keep its spirit alive over time. Surprising consumers with a special fragrance and winning them over through the emotions evoked by scents is our specialty.

Did you know that 61% of Spaniards think that perfume is essential in their lives?

We make it look easy: this is how we create your fragrance

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At Àuria Perfumes we have dedicated 14 years to creating perfumes for third parties. We specialize in fragrance production and packaging of fragrances, and now, thanks to our new full-service system for the design and manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics, we can take care of the process from scratch: defining your brand values, selecting the most relevant market trends, choosing the ingredients, composing the olfactory score, designing the bottle and packaging and managing the entire safety and regulatory testing process to deliver you a perfume ready to be marketed.

In this light, the process of creating a perfume seems easy, because we make the process as simple as possible for our customers.

Thanks to our years of expertise working for clients of all sizes and profiles, from large retail chains to international celebrities, our talented team is trained to offer you agile solutions that are in line with your brand and respect its positioning.

We offer quality, and extensive experience in category knowledge, flexibility, a quick response, and commitment, paired up with our excellent industrial capacity and cost-competitiveness ratio”, said Jesús Mejías, Business Development Manager at Àuria Perfumes.

Plus, we offer an added advantage: we are perfume manufacturers. We have the same resources as the big companies, with our own production plant, facilities of more than 10,200 sqm, maceration and packaging rooms for alcoholic products and INOX and ATEX drums with a production capacity of 30 million units per year. Handling is our specialty as we have highly qualified machinery and personnel to give perfumes the qualitative and distinctive touch that they require.


We are ready to create your perfumery and cosmetics project. Contáctanos.


if you want to create your own perfume brand!

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