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If you are looking for a perfume manufacturer, we can help you create a perfume for your brand with the highest guarantee of quality to ensure its success.

How We Can Help You Create a Perfume for Your Brand

Àuria Perfumes was established 15 years ago to offer perfumery services to third parties and has since become a solid player in the fragrance industry. We maintain our multi-service offering in contract manufacturing and have also created a new Private Label area for the comprehensive creation of perfumes and cosmetics for third parties.

Our partners are leading retail brands, wholesalers, niche brands, pharmaceuticals, and even digital creators who entrust us with their projects in the beauty market,” explains Albert Piñol, General Manager of Àuria Perfumes.

The company has a highly skilled team of experts who accompany brands in the creation of fragrances, capturing the values and identity of each client.

Over the years, the company has positioned itself as a strategic partner for large distribution chains, retailers, and fashion brands, providing development, manufacturing, and packaging services for fragrance and cosmetic lines. We have modern facilities spanning 10,200 square meters in Igualada (Barcelona), with the capacity to package 50 million units per year. Moreover, we ensure high-quality standards, backed by ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, and Cosmos Organic certifications, among other corporate social responsibility standards.

What Can We Do for Your Brand? Comprehensive management of fragrance creation processes, ambientation lines, and cosmetic products.

  • Concept & design.
  • Production.
  • Maceration.
  • Decoration.
  • Manipulation.
  • Stability testing.
  • Regulatory affairs.
  • Registration.
  • Logistics.


“Our experience and adaptability enable us to design and manufacture special products according to the specific design, formulation, and packaging needs of each client or brand,” details Piñol.



Te ayudamos a crear un perfume para tu marca

We tailor our services to the needs of each client or brand to create a unique fragrance in terms of design, formulation, and packaging.


Steps to Create a Perfume for Your Brand

At Àuria Perfumes, we work closely with our clients to achieve the best result in the final product. Leveraging our experience as perfume manufacturers, we help our partners swiftly and successfully progress towards the ideal fragrance that will enhance their business’s bottom line.

Brand information

To understand the essence of the brand, we need detailed information about its history, brand values, and business objectives. This allows us to begin creating a perfume that faithfully reflects the brand’s personality and style.

Understanding the brand’s history and philosophy helps us comprehend its identity. Additionally, positioning and distinctive features that set it apart from other companies must be taken into account. At this stage, we can focus on specific brand values such as quality, innovation, sustainability, and value proposition.


Defining the Target Audience

Another fundamental step before starting to create the fragrance is defining the target audience for the perfume. As experts in perfume launches, we help our clients identify trends to meet the tastes and preferences of consumers. This information is essential to guide the perfume’s development and ensure it aligns with the expectations of the target audience.

The work we do in this phase provides useful material for developing marketing and communication strategies to promote the perfume during its launch.



Te ayudamos a crear un perfume para tu marca

We help our clients identify olfactory trends, as well as the tastes and preferences of their target audience.


Olfactory Concept

We work together with the brand to define the olfactory concept of the perfume. Desired characteristics must be established, including selecting the key ingredients of the essence, determining the intensity and duration, and specifying any other specific preferences to be considered in the formulation of the essence. We also analyze market trends and consumer preferences to ensure the perfume is attractive and commercially viable.


Ingredient Selection

Based on the olfactory concept defined with the client, our team of perfumers and technicians selects the appropriate ingredients, considering the olfactory notes, natural essential oils, and synthetic molecules that are most suitable for creating a unique composition with soul.

At Àuria Perfumes, we work with trusted suppliers who guarantee traceability and the quality of raw materials, providing assurance to our clients. Our experts suggest unique combinations of ingredients that make the final perfume stand out in the market.


Bottle and Packaging Design

Collaboration with the brand is key to addressing bottle and packaging design, which should reflect the brand’s visual identity and appeal to its target audience. At Àuria Perfumes, we handle conceptualization, graphic design, and production of the bottle and packaging. We employ high-quality materials and innovative techniques to achieve a striking result, always choosing the most sustainable alternatives.

We offer customization options such as engraving, silk-screen printing, or application of special decorations to help differentiate the product at the point of sale.




perfume auria crear un perfume para tu marca

We help you create a perfume for your brand with the utmost guarantee of safety and high-quality standards.


Industrial Capacity

As a third-party perfume manufacturer, we have our own factory, allowing us to oversee the entire perfume production process. We have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure high-quality standards and compliance with current regulations and norms.


Our significant industrial capacity, capable of producing 50 million units per year, enables us to efficiently produce perfumes with high-quality standards for all types of clients.


Quality control

Thanks to our experience and the talent of our technical team, we guarantee precise and safe perfume formulation. We carry out rigorous quality controls at each stage of production to ensure the perfume meets the required standards and is safe to use, complying with all legal requirements.


Delivery of the Final Product

Once the entire process of fragrance design and production is completed, we deliver the final product, ready for commercialization.



If you want to launch a fragrance and need to find a third-party perfume manufacturer, we can help you create a perfume for your brand. Contact us without obligation.