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Creating your own fragrance

Do you have a brand and want to increase your engagement and dynamize it with the creation of a perfume of your own? Then you are on the right path. Perfumes are, right now, the most resilient product on the market. There is no doubt about it; they are designed to leave a trail – emotional and physical – behind them, capable of attracting all eyes, humanizing a brand, and of multiplying its value to the consumer. All this only by designing a fragrance of their own. The reason lies in its own essence: in how it connects us through smell, how it moves us, and how it is remembered.

If there is something that remains unchanged, and at Àuria Perfumes we have been manufacturers of perfumes for third parties for 14 years, it is the story that is linked to a smell, to a fragrance. That is everyone’s dream: to have a brand so strong potentially that everyone feels identified with it. And that is achieved through the perfume telling our own stories.

Steps for creating your own fragrance

Do you still think that having your own line of perfumes is exclusive to a fashion brand? Then it’s time to update this concept because it is no longer a matter of a certain sector or business area, but of your brand projection beyond its natural habitat. You can create your own perfume whether you have a fashion, accessories, aesthetics, or beauty brand … because it is the relationship that is generated that is nourished by shared experiences and memories.

That is what having your own perfume brand achieves: being the connector product capable of positioning a brand, regardless of its business area. And it does it because it has the tools that both the market and businesses need: the ability to communicate, move and connect sensually.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the brand style
  2. Impregnate it with your brand personality
  3. Trace the olfactory lines that define us
  4. Think of everything outside
  5. The manufacture of perfumes by a third party
  6. Launch it

It is a very exciting process and more feasible and profitable than we can believe if done with the help of a professional team. In reality, contract manufacturing, that is, in the hands of a third party, offers a number of advantages.

how to make my own perfume and sell it

Creating your own fragrance. You gain visibility of the brand

It is no longer the value it brings, but everything that your brand is capable of transmitting through a fragrance of its own; having a line of perfumes strengthens, distinguishes, and positioning your brand. In addition, it expands its target, becoming potentially a new consumer profile.

  1. Flexibility and cost reduction: when choosing the right company to outsource the product manufacturing, trust is placed … Thus, you can concentrate all efforts on the evolution of the business; determine its steps to follow, and position the personnel.
  2. Improvement of processes and productivity: such as reducing the risk of investment related to outsourced activities; freeing internal resources for other actions or projects and gaining competitiveness with increased sales.
  3. Market adaptation capacity: greater control over one’s own business, focusing on innovation.
  4. They become more competitive in the sector: not only does it maintain and increase the quality of their product, but it also gains brand recognition and prestige, applying the methods to achieve the established production volumes.

Third-party manufacturing for creating your own Fragrance.

Creating a unique fragrance is one of the tools that help your brand connect with people: it humanizes the brand.

creating your own fragrances

Are you thinking of creating a fragrance of your own? Enter here

At Àuria we have been practicing this formula in the perfumery industry for 14 years, as manufacturers of perfumes for third parties, providing the trust, security, quality and excellence so necessary when you want your business to take a qualitative and quantitative leap, and to be remembered. Our background as manufacturers for brands of different sizes and profiles makes us a benchmark capable of telling your brand story through a unique smell.