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Retail experts predict a significant shift in the sales ecosystem, and it’s not so much about technological issues but rather about the essence of brands. In an era dominated by data and algorithms, only those who stand out by offering something different to customers can find a place in their hearts (and shopping carts). Keep this idea in mind: a customer belongs to the brand, not the channel. As an experienced company in fragrance creation for 15 years, Àuria Perfumes can help you enhance customer loyalty through a fragrance for your brand.


How can you enhance customer loyalty through a fragrance?


Fragrances have a powerful ability to evoke emotions because our sense of smell is linked to the limbic system of the brain, which is crucial for experiencing emotions and reliving memories. When we smell a perfume, we are overwhelmed by a rush of sensations that can transport us to specific places or even awaken special memories.

Advanced studies in neurobiology reveal that fragrances trigger biological responses in our bodies by releasing hormones that create positive, relaxing, or energizing stimuli.

For this reason, strategically developing a perfume for a brand is an optimal way to significantly improve the consumer experience by making a positive impact.

At Àuria Perfumes, we are clear that we design perfumes with the goal of not just having buyers for your brand but creating lovers deeply connected to the products in your portfolio. To achieve this, we create fragrances that elicit emotions by relying on a coherent olfactory story that adds value to the product.



Aumenta la fidelización de clientes a través de una fragancia para tu marca

Having a fragrance for your brand is a way to increase customer loyalty toward your brand.


Understanding the Consumer


During the last Retail Forum conference, fashion entrepreneur Lola Casademunt introduced a powerful idea to reflect on the kind of woman her brand targets because there isn’t really a single model of a woman. A single consumer has multiple facets: “She is a 3P woman, punk, power, and pretty.” This concept serves to understand that there is no single consumer archetype; it changes based on their needs and circumstances. Therefore, it’s essential to understand and please them.


Aumenta la fidelización de clientes a través de una fragancia para tu marca

As experts in creating fragrances for 15 years, Àuria Perfumes can assist you in launching a perfume project for your brand, guiding you from the initial concept through each step of the product manufacturing process, ensuring you have a high-quality perfume ready for marketing.


The Importance of the Intangible


At Àuria Perfumes, we have spent 15 years helping fashion brands, retail chains, and companies create successful perfumes. As expert third-party perfume manufacturers, we know what ingredients a perfume must have to find its place in the market, winning over consumers and turning them into true brand lovers.



The Importance of the Product


The intangible values of the brand and its storytelling are essential for launching a perfume, but for the project to succeed, having a good product is indispensable. Àuria Perfumes emphasizes quality because only by starting with a thoughtful selection of raw materials and following a meticulous protocol of industrial processes can we obtain a perfume that adds value to the consumer. As third-party manufacturers, we oversee the entire perfume development process, from concept to the finished product. Our technicians handle the procurement of all necessary ingredients to create a fragrance and supervise each step of the process with a commitment to meeting the highest safety and quality standards, ensuring that you have all the guarantees of obtaining a perfume that lives up to your brand.


We follow an agile and efficient process for creating fragrances for third parties:

  1. Briefing: We study your brand’s values and image to create a fragrance that distinguishes it, connects with consumers, and enhances your business.
  2. Creative process: Fragrance and packaging.
  3. Technical processes: Quality and regulatory.
  4. Production processes: Perfume creation, perfume maceration, decoration, packaging, assembly, and handling.


“At Àuria Perfumes, we have experience in producing perfumes for clients worldwide. With our Full Service, we design perfumes with a top-tier creative team that serves major brands, covering everything from creation and design to production, packaging, and conditioning, in which we have significant expertise,” explains Albert Piñol, General Manager of Àuria Perfumes.


Are you thinking about launching a fragrance for your brand? Contact us, and we will provide you with information.