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Let us know your brand values, and we will tell you how to develop your fragrance with your brand personality.

Do you know what makes a customized perfume irresistible? When you spray it, you don’t just feel the fragrance, but everything the brand wants to transmit with it; that it envelops you, that it excites you, that we have managed to capture the essence of your personality in that bottle.

Difficult? For us, no. At Àuria, we are experts in accompanying companies on their olfactory path – their own – advising them and finding that combination of ingredients that goes beyond smell: it encompasses all the senses.

That is the key.

Where the personality of your brand resides with a fragrance

personalidad de tu marca. Brand personality

Because that’s where the personality of a perfume resides…

At least the ethereal one, the one that cannot be seen, the one that transports us and connects us, is the result of a detailed design, where what matters is to transfer these values to the world of sensations to develop a perfume according to its brand personality:

  • Choosing the olfactory notes with skill, observation, intuition, and development allows us to evoke what we want to convey.
  • According to the precepts we have established after analyzing the brand and the design.
  • A packaging with a focus on those characteristics and values of the brand.
  • In its storytelling, we are not talking about recreating a story through a fragrance, but that the perfume is the story itself, in which the chosen components speak to us.

If we have taken these creative steps correctly and with professionals capable of guiding us through the production and design process, we will have a fragrance that will captivate us with its unique personality.

How to create a tailor-made perfume

perfumes3 brand personality

Each brand – like each of us – has a different olfactory personality that leads it to agree with specific olfactory notes.


Each brand – like each of us – has a different olfactory personality that leads it to agree with specific olfactory notes. I’m sure you haven’t thought about it, but you will have noticed how the same fragrance can captivate one person and be unbearable for another. That is where you will see the impact that the personality of perfume has on you.

The harmony of a perfume and its olfactory pyramid

laboratorio2 brand personality

Harmony & Perfume

From the reading, evaluation, and analysis of the brand, we will find the olfactory map that will be the basis for developing a perfume that responds to your personality. That is why working to find the harmony of a fragrance is essential. This is where we play with the design of the notes that will compose the perfume:

  • Top notes: the first olfactory impression, but by no means the definitive one. The entrance door will give way to other more intense notes.
  • Heart notes: Here appear the nuances that identify the perfume: the notes with more character that announce the true personality of a perfume.
  • Base notes: They reaffirm the identity of a perfume, remaining for much longer thanks to the depth they bring. This is why the notes chosen are spicy and woody.

Steps to develop a perfume according to its personality

What do you look for when developing a perfume according to its personality? Coherence: the more it resembles the essence of your brand, the more coherent a perfume will be and the more resistible and successful it will be.

  1. Listening… This is the main step: and we cannot repeat it enough; we can identify the values, trends, and objectives of the brand that we will capture in the fragrance.
  2. Briefing: the step before its evaluation, where the information is gathered, and the creative torrent of the perfumers are unleashed, with a defined marketing direction where personality, packaging, target, and composition are worked on.
  3. Creative process, where the brand values are evaluated in order to develop the formula.
  4. In these 14 years in Àuria Perfumes, we have found and worked the method to INCREASE your business capacity, making your fragrance. In these 14 years in Àuria Perfumes, we have found and worked the method to INCREASE your business capacity, making your fragrance.

Define your perfume according to the personality of your brand.

  • Informal/natural: Here come the soft notes, which seem to go unnoticed without stridently attracting attention and convey a light, cheerful or fun brand personality. They are fresh notes, where citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, or bergamot are essential, and green and even marine notes that give rise to energetic, sparkling, and vital perfumes.
  • Classic / Inspirational: A recognized brand with a well-defined audience that seeks to convey a more precise message. More sophisticated and powerful fragrances emerge, with notes of the woody family that provide that depth and elegance that fit so well, with a classic and sophisticated personality by their chords.
  • Daring / Seductive: Brands that dare with everything want to make an impact and seek to do it most innovatively, linking their essence to experiences and moments we are going through. Here the perfume will have a sensual and passionate touch, with a special predilection for oriental notes, as well as floral and fruity with sweet aromas.

The result is to combine work with a lot of inspiration and a solid scientific basis, but above all, the nuances and details that make your brand’s personality stand out from the average and that everyone wants to remember it… for its personality.

And every fragrance has its own story. Shall we tell it?