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At Àuria Perfumes, we manufacture fragrances and cosmetics for third parties by transferring the creativity of our team of professionals to ideas and concepts that bring a perfume project to life. In addition to this, we combine technology and our great industrial capacity, which allows us to produce unique fragrances and innovative beauty products. It all begins with an idea, with the inspiration of our partners, which is translated into an authentic, quality perfume with the necessary ingredients to seduce the final consumer in our Private Label fragrance department.


What is it like to work with a Private Label fragrance service partner?

Àuria Perfumes is an ally of fashion and retail brands that want to launch a line of perfumes or cosmetics. We cover the different categories that make up the beauty universe, such as women’s, men’s, children’s, and youth fragrances, home fragrances, and the entire range of cosmetic hygiene and personal care.

The Àuria Perfumes factory – 10,000 square meters – is located in Igualada (Barcelona), so the company is a solid collaborator of national firms with a proximity service, although, due to its strategic location, it also develops alliances with international companies.

Àuria Perfumes

The Àuria Perfumes factory is located in Igualada (Barcelona) and has 10,000 square meters: it offers Private Label fragrance services and contract manufacturing services.

Conceptualizing a fragrance: starting with the idea

Thanks to our experience in the perfumery sector, we help our clients focus on the concept on which the perfume should be based. Brand value, market positioning, and olfactory trends are three of the aspects that must be studied before starting the project.

At Àuria Perfumes, we make it very easy for you because, through a briefing, we will reflect the needs and objectives that will be translated into the perfume roadmap on which our Private Label fragrance team will work, always in communication with the brand that requests our services.


Àuria Perfumes servicio Private Label de fragancias

The Private Label fragrance department starts with a briefing to develop the perfume’s creative concept and define the design, technical, and factory processes.

Perfume production

Creativity and technology come together in the factory. We work with experienced perfumers who have at their disposal a wide catalog of high-quality raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully selected by our purchasing department and stored under optimal conditions to preserve its freshness and quality, which is reflected in the final essence.

The production process begins with the mixture of the raw materials that make up the perfume, which is carried out in large INOX and ATEX tanks, where the formula macerates for the necessary time. After maceration, the essence is cold filtered, at an average temperature of between 0 and 4 degrees. The resulting juice is a fine, particle-free fragrance that can be colored later at the customer’s request.


Àuria Perfumes servicio Private Label de fragancias

We work with expert perfumers who create olfactory compositions with high-quality ingredients.


Our Private Label fragrance department works closely with clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. Tests are carried out, and the formula is adjusted according to the client’s specifications to create customized fragrances that reflect the attributes of the brand and its style.

To ensure that the product meets safety and quality requirements, rigorous quality controls are carried out at each stage of the production process, which guarantee that each product that leaves the factory meets the highest standards. “Currently, we work with ISO 9001, ISO 22716, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and the Cosmos certification from Ecocert Greenlife,” explains Carol Corma, technical laboratory manager.

Another important aspect is compliance with regulatory norms, which is essential for the product to receive approval for commercialization. Àuria Perfumes has a regulatory department that ensures that all products produced in the factory comply with the required regulations regarding formula, packaging, and labeling.


Àuria Perfumes servicio Private Label de fragancias

We create fragrances that add value to the brand and boost the bottom line by increasing sales.

Private Label Division: We create successful fragrances

“Based on the needs of our clients and the values of their brands, we create customized perfume collections: from fragrance composition to product design and packaging,” explains Albert Piñol, general director of Àuria Perfumes, who emphasizes that fashion and perfume are a perfect alliance, generating value synergies to increase a brand’s sales and profitability.

Perfume provides an olfactory identity to a brand, which drives its projection, distinguishes it from the rest, and strengthens its connection with the end consumer.

What does today’s consumer look for in perfumery? “Nowadays, customers want fragrances that surprise them, that are innovative. They value the brand’s environmental commitment and its naturalness,” says Carol Corma.


At Àuria Perfumes, we cater to large fashion companies, retail, new or emerging brands, and selective brands, both national and international, who want to launch a line of perfumes. Our value proposition is based on high quality requirements, exceptional service, and the best costs to develop a profitable fragrance project. Contact us for more information.