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Efficient purchasing and Securing raw material stock is currently key, due to the price fluctuation caused by inflation and supply chain disruptions. As experts in thirdparty perfume manufacturing, and to secure the perfumery outsourcing services provided by the company, Àuria Perfumes controls these obstacles with an efficient purchase plan for raw materials, allowing them to have enough stock to meet the product demand of their customers.

A competitive full-service perfume, thanks to efficient purchasing in times of inflation.

Àuria Perfumes has proven to be a solid player in the perfume business. The company’s experience over the last 14 years, manufacturing and packaging fragrances for major fashion and retail brands, has earned it the reputation of being an expert in setting up competitive perfume projects.

Efficient purchasing has proven to be a decisive factor in controlling expenditure and ensuring the effectiveness of production processes and commitment to the agreed delivery dates for the final product to the customer.

On the one hand, cost control, thanks to the stock of raw materials, translates into a competitive advantage, not only for Àuria Perfumes but also for the customers it works with, who have available high-quality ingredients and materials at an affordable cost, which also ensures wider margins at the time of the product’s commercialization to the end consumer.

On the other hand, the company has strengthened its productive capacity in order to meet customer needs, even in times of high demand, with the requirement to meet the agreed time to market. 2022 has been a turning point in the company’s history, having invested 2 million euros to offer a full-service perfume, reinforcing its structure and equipment with the aim of providing a global perfume service to its customers to cover all the needs they may have when launching the project of a new perfume.

Fabricante de perfumes, frasco de perfume e ingredientes naturales. Efficient purchasing

Efficient purchasing of raw materials and efficient control of inventory provides a competitive advantage for perfume manufacturers and their partners.

How to ensure the stock of raw materials in complex market environments?

Àuria Perfumes works with different suppliers with whom it maintains a close relationship to ensure responsiveness while maintaining the level of quality required for the perfume and cosmetics products it produces in its factory. To do this, it operates with a plan that allows it to maintain process efficiency.

1.- Trusted suppliers

The company defends a purchasing policy that prioritizes sustainability criteria and ethical and responsible management of partners. Àuria Perfumes’ commitment is to optimize planning with adequate management of resources and consumption to minimize logistical impact.

Sustainability is present in the processes of raw material supply. “At Àuria Perfumes we use alcohol of natural, winemaking or cane sugar or corn crops in all production,” explains Marta Pelfort, the company’s quality director.

2.- Inventory control

Àuria Perfumes controls the inventory of raw materials exhaustively to guarantee a continuous supply, especially in times when there may be problems with the supply chain.

Fabricante de perfumes para terceros, outsourcing de perfumería, compra eficiente de materias primas. Efficient purchasing raw materials

Optimizar la planificación, con una gestión adecuada de los recursos y de los consumos, minimiza el impacto logístico, lo que se traduce en un ahorro de costes y en un control del gasto.

3.- Stock monitoring

The company works with constant monitoring of the stock which allows it to have an efficient and agile response to supply interruptions. This way it can take measures quickly to minimize its impact.

4.- Security

A priority of the supply processes is security, followed by the quality of the raw materials. Àuria Perfumes’ regulatory and laboratory technicians are constantly updated to make the relevant changes required by the new European regulations. For example, in 2022, lilyal (a common ingredient in perfumery) has been replaced, which has forced the redesign of formulas, the performance of new tests for reformulations, and the change of packaging texts.

“Cosmetic regulation is constantly under review and is open to constant modifications, as one of its main objectives is to guarantee the safety of the product for the consumer,” explains Aida Mangut, quality, and regulatory technician. “It is a responsibility to ensure the safety of the final product, since, as manufacturers, each of the decisions taken affects the rest of the chain that participates in the creation of a perfume or a cosmetic,” she maintains.

5.- Flexibility

Customers who work with Àuria Perfumes benefit from greater flexibility in fragrance manufacturing by working with a third-party manufacturer that applies an efficient purchasing policy. This allows them to make modifications to the production volume of perfume units without having to worry about an extra costs or the availability of raw materials.

In summary, adequate management of trusted and alternative suppliers, a sustainable and efficient purchasing policy, and precise control of stock and inventory provide Àuria Perfumes and its customers with a competitive advantage in periods of uncertainty. The ability to quickly respond to problems in the supply chain to ensure the continuity of production strengthens the company’s position in the market and offers its customers added value that differentiates them from its competitors.

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