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Establishing a collaboration with an experienced third-party perfume manufacturer, knowledgeable in the sector, is crucial for developing viable and successful perfume projects. At Àuria Perfumes, we have a 15-year track record that has allowed us to become a significant player in the perfume industry, offering both contract manufacturing services and a comprehensive service of perfume design and creation, providing our clients with a finished fragrance ready for the market. Whatever your needs in the perfume industry, our experience, capabilities, and facilities enable us to deliver personalized and high-quality solutions, ensuring the satisfaction of both the brands that choose us and the end consumers.

As an experienced third-party perfume manufacturer, here’s how we can help you launch a fragrance:

A professional and experienced team that brings sector know-how

After over 15 years of experience in contract manufacturing, Àuria Perfumes has evolved into a full-service provider. We now have a Private Label division with a highly qualified and experienced team in fragrance design and manufacturing.

In 2008, we started the adventure of manufacturing perfumes in collaboration with Ramón Monegal through the company Àuria Cosmetics. He was the driving force behind the project, and we will always be grateful to him for giving us the opportunity to work with intellectually disabled people in the perfume manufacturing process. From there, we continued to grow, becoming manufacturers and packagers of perfumery products for our clients,” explains Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes, about the company’s beginnings.

Today, the company boasts a team of professionals ready to serve brands with different profiles, working with a deep understanding of trends, needs, and expectations, so that our partners can see their ideas materialized in creative solutions that help them stand out in the market.

Àuria Perfumes, experimentado fabricante de perfumes a terceros

We provide creative solutions to our partners in order to develop unique perfume lines that stand out in the market.

Innovation and adaptability, two valuable attributes in an experienced third-party perfume manufacturer

  • Thanks to accumulated experience, Àuria Perfumes relies on innovation and adaptability to meet the diverse needs that may arise among its clients.

The perfumery industry constantly evolves, adjusting to new legislation, regulations, and periodically incorporating new raw materials, technologies, and trends. This demands continuous adaptation from our teams. As an experienced manufacturer, Àuria Perfumes can anticipate changes and adjust the development processes to stay at the forefront.

Aida Mangut and Marta Pelfort, members of Àuria Perfumes’ laboratory and quality team, explain the importance of innovation in a perfume manufacturing company: “Competition among organizations is increasingly fierce, and currently, innovation is key to a company’s survival. Innovating means generating ideas and strategies in processes and products, implementing them, and making them viable.”

Àuria Perfumes, experimentado fabricante de perfumes a terceros

The Private Label division of Àuria Perfumes offers full-service perfume solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Full Service, un servicio personalizado

  • The competitive advantage of an experienced third-party perfume manufacturer lies in its ability to offer a comprehensive and personalized service to its clients. From the initial stage of fragrance conceptualization to production and final packaging, each development must have unique ingredients and codes that give the perfume a distinctive character.

“Based on our clients’ needs and the values of their brands, we create tailor-made perfume collections, from fragrance composition to product design and packaging,” details Piñol.

In the case of fragrances, personalization is vital to ensure that each brand has a unique and coherent identity with its image. Our experience and expertise allow us to suggest adjustments and improvements that can optimize the formula and packaging, resulting in a superior quality final product.

Rigorous quality control and regulatory compliance

“Auria Perfumes has the Good Manufacturing Practices certification for Cosmetic Products (UNE-EN ISO 22716), which guarantees the correct manufacture of products and their safety, and meets the necessary requirements of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) regarding manufacturing and packaging activities. Additionally, we are in the process of implementing the IFS HPC certification, which will reinforce the safety guarantee of the manufactured product,” explains Aida Mangut.

All the products we manufacture undergo rigorous safety and quality controls. We comply with current regulations and norms to allow our clients to market their perfumes both nationally and internationally.

At Àuria Perfumes, we prepare safety reports for cosmetics, a document required by Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009. This report includes all the information and data from the safety evaluation that the cosmetic product must undergo before entering the European market, and it is prepared by a qualified evaluator.

Àuria Perfumes, experimentado fabricante de perfumes a terceros

Àuria Perfumes is a social enterprise that places people at the center, a value highly appreciated by our clients with whom we forge long-term relationships of trust.

We forge long-term relationships with our partners.

“Our commitment goes beyond creating perfumes; we want to attract companies in the fashion, retail, consumer goods, online sales, and influencer industries that want to participate in a social project. Àuria Perfumes is, above all, a company that creates jobs with an inclusive philosophy, incorporating intellectually disabled people into the workforce, trained and highly motivated to add value to projects. And we want these relationships with our partners to be long-lasting, with high requirements of quality, service, and competitive costs,” says Piñol.

Our working model, centered on people and with a high demand for quality, results in customer loyalty, creating a solid foundation for our continued growth as a company and adding value to the perfume industry.

Choosing an experienced third-party perfume manufacturer like Àuria Perfumes ensures the success of your project. The trust of the brands that have worked with us over the years is our satisfaction. We look forward to helping you with your new fragrance project. Contact us, and we will provide you with information without any obligation.