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Fashion brands and perfume, in the past two years, the shift in consumer trends has forced brands and retailers to reinvent themselves like never before, in order to connect with consumers. And even though we are starting to socialize again, there are some consumer trends that have come to stay, since consumers prefer original and sustainable brands. The link between fashion brands and perfumes allows us to channel the new trends smoothly and also to reinforce the fashion brands’ storytelling, thus strengthening the emotional connection with their clients.

Fashion and perfume brands

In the last few years, the fashion industry has become aware of the importance of having a fragrance line:

  • It is a complement for their brand that embodies their values through an olfactory composition.
  • It promotes the rejuvenation of the brand. Nowadays, many brands have renewed their image by means of a perfume line that responds to the preferences and trends of their youngest customers, in order to revamp their target audience.
  • It democratises the brand, which is now available for more customers.

If we dive into the perfume history, we see that it was at the beginning of the twentieth century when fashion and perfume came together to create a perfect match. The pioneer fashion designer Coco Chanel launched her iconic Chanel Nº5 perfume in 1921. Soon after, many brands like Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Lanvin and Patou followed her example. Fragrances became a symbol of style and all the fashion houses wanted to have their very own perfume. Since then, all the brands want to have their own olfactory label, as a means to win over consumers through one of the most powerful senses, the sense of smell.

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What can a fragrance do for fashion brands and perfume?

As the renowned journalist, fashion expert, and honourable academician of the Academy of Perfume, Charo Izquierdo, said: Fragrances have become a driving force for fashion brands. Perfume is fashion. Fashion probably could not exist without perfume”. This is due to the fact that perfumes complement a person’s character and style. This has been confirmed by a study conducted by Kantar for Stanpa (The Spanish National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association) which concluded that according to 59% of the population, perfume and clothing are two of the aspects of a person which attract the most attention (after their attitude, energy and eyes).

This is what a perfume can do for your brand:

  • Olfactory identity: a fragrance expresses the brand’s values and personality.
  • Update: perfumes allow you to reposition and relaunch a fashion brand. It is a strategy that fashion houses are implementing to reach younger consumers, millennials and centennials.
  • Aspirational: a fragrance is an accessible luxury for consumers and reinforces the aspirational character of the brand.
  • Turnover growth: the fragrance category is a driving force for a company’s turnover growth. According to data provided by Stanpa, this category grew by 30% in 2021, while exports grew by 46%.


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