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Because having a great idea, an excellent product, and a brilliant marketing campaign means nothing if you don’t comply with current regulations. At Àuria Perfumes, we are already prepared to sell cosmetics in the United States in accordance with the new requirements of the FDA MoCRA (Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation).

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We can assist you in selling cosmetics in the United States while meeting all the FDA MoCRA requirements for their commercialization.


Whether you want to launch your brand in the USA or if you are an American brand that needs to meet the requirements of the new FDA MoCRA, Àuria Perfumes can help you market your products while staying within the legal framework. You won’t have to worry about anything because we work proactively to anticipate changes, and we already have everything ready so you can focus on your product without being burdened by bureaucratic processes that often delay product launch.


As a manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics for 15 years, Àuria Perfumes understands the importance of complying with the laws of each country. Count on us as a trusted partner to properly register your cosmetics without complications or wasted time. Additionally, we will keep you informed about all FDA MoCRA updates.


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“Based on our clients’ needs and the values of their brands, we create customized fragrance and cosmetics collections, from fragrance composition to product design and packaging. We also offer our expertise in areas where we have more than 15 years of experience, such as manufacturing, packaging, labeling, conditioning, and final product handling. Additionally, we cover Regulatory requirements for market entry,” explains Albert Piñol, General Manager of Àuria Perfumes.



What does the new FDA MoCRA law entail?


The new Cosmetics Regulation Law, approved by the FDA in the United States, will come into effect on December 29th, imposing stricter criteria for cosmetics marketing.


Companies that were already selling cosmetics in the USA before the MoCRA came into effect must complete the new registrations required by the FDA by December 29, 2023. Àuria Perfumes has already completed this process, anticipating the compliance deadline. For new products entering the market, the FDA grants a 120-day period from the date of initial marketing.


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What must your cosmetics comply with in order to be sold in the United States?


1.- Mandatory FDA Registration

We handle the registration of facilities and the responsible person for each cosmetic. Additionally, we have a representative in the USA who will act as a liaison between the FDA and your company, a mandatory requirement for all foreign companies wishing to sell their products in this market. We update the listings of cosmetic products annually, as required by the FDA.

Realizamos la actualización de los listados de los productos cosméticos anualmente, según indica la FDA.


2.- Safety Data Sheets

We keep the safety data sheets for cosmetics up to date.


3.- Labeling

We ensure compliance with all labeling requirements stipulated by FDA MoCRA, including the requirement to include an address and contact person, as well as a list of fragrance allergens.


4.- Notification

We update adverse effect notification records.


5.- Good Manufacturing Practices

We adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices code issued by the FDA, which is now mandatory and no longer voluntary as it had been before the approval of FDA MoCRA.


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As experts in the design and manufacturing of perfumes and cosmetics through our Full Service, Àuria Perfumes has a dedicated team of technical and regulatory specialists capable of managing international projects. This enables us to help launch your products to partners in markets worldwide while always complying with all legal, health, and safety requirements.


Our commitment to the companies we work with is to provide the best service, offering agile and effective solutions so they can focus on their core business without dedicating extra resources to other matters.


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Are you looking to start selling in the USA and need a partner to manufacture your cosmetics and perfumes? Àuria Perfumes takes care of the entire process, from concept to manufacturing and packaging, including international Regulatory compliance. We are ready to comply with the new FDA MoCRA law in the United States.


And if you are an American brand needing to meet MoCRA requirements for marketing, you can also rely on our services.


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