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Do you want to launch a perfume for your brand and don’t know where to start? At Àuria Perfumes, we are specialists in creating Custom perfumes for our clients, transferring the values of a brand to the perfume that we deliver as a finished product, packaged and with all the controls and necessary requirements for its sale. Here’s how we do it.

Simple, quick and effective: our method to create perfumes and deliver a finished product to you that is ready for sale

At Àuria Perfumes, we know how to create top-selling perfumery fragrances for our clients. Since our founding almost 14 years ago, we have specialized in perfumery services for third parties –fashion, retail, and mass market distribution brands (MDD)–, which has allowed us to create a full perfume service through which we can develop complete fragrance projects, from their concept and image to manufacturing and handling. In this way, we give the finished product in the hand of our clients, ready for sale. Easy, right?

We make sure that the process of creating a perfume is simple for our clients, thanks to our qualified team of professionals, our own factory and laboratory, and regulatory technicians who take charge of ensuring the safety and quality of every step of the production so that you are guaranteed to have a top-of-the-line perfume.

Bodegón de perfumes. En Àuria Perfumes creamos perfumes para tu marca y te entregamos el producto terminado.

We develop full service perfumery projects with a quick, flexible and quality method to deliver the finished product to you, ready for sale.

Our experience working for perfumery clients has allowed us to design our own method of working that simplifies the development process for a customized fragrance and streamlines procedures, while maintaining the flexibility and the personalization of each project.

Furthermore, our specialty is to give a soul to each project, to build a story that moves consumers, even before they smell the fragrance. We want them to be curious about it, to want to try it and, of course, to enamor them with a different, attractive scent that establishes an emotional tie.

Moodboard Àuria Perfumes

We dedicate ourselves to developing a story for your brand, because we believe in an emotional tie between the perfumes and consumers, and our intent is to create fragrances with soul.

How do we kick off a project to create perfumes, in order to deliver a high-quality finished product to you?

  1. Briefing: based on the image and concept of your brand, we create a personalized briefing that touches on design, storytelling, and scent.
  2. Creative process: we use a mood board to visually reflect the attributes of your project and the brand. We will custom-create the container and packaging design for your brand.
  3. Technical processes: all the manufacturing processes follow a code of good practices and stem from a sustainable concept to give you the best product with eco-friendly parameters.
  4. Production processes: we have our own factory with 10,200 square meters of facilities equipped with white rooms, maceration rooms, and packaging rooms. All the products we produce have passed the dedicated quality controls for their sale.
Perfume de mujer entre unas manos femeninas. Creamos perfumes para tu marca y te entregamos el producto terminado, listo para su venta.

At Àuria Perfumes, we create perfumes for brands and retailers who wish to boost their accounts through a successful fragrance.

Objective: to boost a brand’s results through perfume

Even though there are many reasons to opt for a fragrance line for a brand –to revitalize it, to strengthen ties with consumers, reposition or rejuvenate it, among others–, one of the main reasons for investing in the development of a perfume is to boost income. Perfume has become a product category that drives the market in the perfumery sector –in the first nine months of 2022, the selective fragrance category grew by 27.5% in Spain – and is an affordable object of desire for consumers. In addition, it allows a brand to reinforce its values and build ties with consumers who want to complete their daily outfits with the distinctive scent of their favorite brand.

Our portfolio covers the full spectrum of perfumery: we create fragrances for women, men, children, unisex, and also for the home.

We meet all the needs that consumers demand, creating perfumes for brands and providing a finished product that is ready to enter the marketing network.

Mujer con manos entrelazadas en forma de corazón. Creamos perfumes para tu marca y te entregamos el producto terminado, listo para su venta.

Only the brands that reach the hearts of consumers manage to endure the test of time; for this reason, our customized perfumes respond to the demands and concerns of consumers to win them over and accompany them during the most important moments of their lives.

What sets the perfumes we create apart from the rest?

Part of our essence, as a perfume company born at the hand of a master perfumer, is to create fragrances with a soul that tell a story that appeals emotionally to consumers.

We concentrate on key aspects of perfume:

  • Scent Identity.
  • Brand Image (in an aspirational sense).
  • Positioning.
  • Emotions.

Only those brands that reach the hearts of consumers manage to endure the test of time. This is our intention, to give our clients a perfume that reaps rewards beyond its launch and that serves to consolidate the brand’s catalog.

Why choose us? Our vast experience as a fashion brand and retailer partner when manufacturing their perfumery lines has given us in-depth knowledge of the B2B perfumery and cosmetics business model on an international level. We closely follow the trends and incorporate the latest innovations to offer our clients, quickly and efficiently, the best solutions to launch a perfumery project. Safety and quality are two of our priorities and we are committed to environmental conservation, so you can rest assured that you are going to have a finished product that meets all the requirements of your brand and all the requests of today’s consumers to enjoy and identify with a fragrance.

Get in touch with us and take the first step towards launching your perfume brand.