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Àuria Perfumes boasts 14 years’ experience in the perfumery sector, and is today firmly consolidated as a trusted partner for national and international brands and distributors seeking a personalised service for creating and developing fragrances.  Our experience in fragrance contract manufacturing allows us to tailor our offer to meet all our customers’ needs.

We are the perfect partner for fragrance contract manufacturing services

Thanks to our facilities occupying 10,200 square metres, an annual production capacity of 50 million units, a highly skilled creative team and our experience in perfumery manufacturing, we can deliver an integral service for the design and production of fragrances.

We also stand out for our meticulous attention to the packaging and personalized details, as our skilled staff are experts in handling in accordance with our customer’s requests.  As a Special Work Centre, 70% of our team is made up of people with intellectual disabilities.  We train and include people at risk of exclusion in the perfume production process who bring their efforts and talents to a work team in which we all contribute equally. The result is a product of exceptional quality and a source of immense pride to us as a company, and which enables us to fully satisfy the exacting demands of our customers and the perfumery market.

We provide a number of specific services:

  • A national and international regulatory.
  • Stability or compatibility testing.
  • Product registration with official bodies.
  • Logistics.

Based on our customers’ needs and the values their brands represent, we create personalised perfumery collections, from the fragrance composition to the product design and packaging”, Albert Piñol, CEO at Àuria Perfumes.

Moodboard Àuria Perfumes

A briefing enables us to focus the customer’s needs and objectives and create a moodboard that will visually project the key project concepts.

Private Label perfume division

Looking beyond the question of profit, which is naturally one of our goals, we aim to continue creating lines of work that provide new job opportunities tailored to the abilities of persons with special difficulties, guaranteeing their full social, labour and personal integration”, explains Albert Piñol.   

With a growth target of 20%, the company has invested two million euros in the creation of its Private Label division. This will guarantee the company’s continued growth in the fragrance contract manufacturing sector.

The services offered by the Private Label Division  

Creation of personalised perfume collections:

  1. Perfume branding.
  2. Fragrance design.
  3. Perfumery production.
  4. Top quality.
  5. Customer satisfaction.
  6. Final product delivery.

Right from the start, we have specialised in the manufacture of perfumery for women, men and children, as well as fragrances for the home.   We have also built up a network of alliances with other companies operating in the sector that enable us to complement our product portfolio with additional categories such as facial, body, hair and sun cosmetics, personal hygiene products and biocide skin antiseptics. In Àuria’s other divisions, we package and handle all types of cosmetic products”, Piñol adds.

Capital Radio

“Our factory occupies 10,200 square metres and our production capacity stands at 122,000 litres a month”, Albert Piñol, CEO at Àuria Perfumes.

A factory specialised in fragrance contract manufacturing

Our long-standing experience in fragrance contract manufacturing allows us to optimise the fragrance development process, guaranteeing our customers an efficient and satisfactory response every time:

  • Full fragrance contract manufacturing service.
  • Efficient response.
  • Top quality.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer loyalty.

From developing the perfume concept to the finished product, we handle the entire contract manufacturing process:

  1. Perfume branding: we identify the brand values and carry out the branding process in order to design a fragrance tailored to your image, positioning and goals. Our mission is to create “perfumes with soul” that connect with consumers and boost their loyalty to the brand.
  2. Design: we take care of the essence production as well as the bottle and packaging design, allowing customers to choose their own personalised decorative details.
  3. Procurement management: we purchase all the raw materials necessary for the perfume production process. We have a network of trusted suppliers and conduct regular controls on their production to guarantee that we are working with top quality materials at all times.
  4. Production: our facilities occupy a space of 10,200 square metres, including 1,000 square metres of clean zones, INOX and ATEX stainless steel tanks for perfume maceration, packaging rooms for alcoholic products and handling areas.
  5. Ongoing assessment, testing and regulatory: we carry out controls on the ingredients and materials employed in fragrance production, the intermediary processes and of course, the end product.We ensure the safety of our products, which must comply with the corresponding standards and regulations, offering our customers full guarantees that the end formula will be of the highest quality.Moreover, we are actively involved in the sustainable transformation of the industry.  We always opt for the most efficient energy alternatives and (raw material, packaging and traceability) solutions that minimise our carbon footprint and generate minimum waste.
  6. Packaging and handling: we package the fragrance and carry out all the handling processes involved in the packaging – using either cutting-edge technologies (we have recently acquired a new packer and cartoner) or artisanal processes carried out by hand.
  7. End product: we deliver to our customers the finished product ready for sale on national and international markets.
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Our facilities and technology are on a par with the major fragrance companies.

“We have worked hard on the creation of a new corporate image and branding in line with our vision of what we wish to offer and transmit, yet which are also coherent with our values of transparency, professionalism, innovation and commitment to people.  A philosophy that is reflected in our slogan ‘Creating perfumes with soul’, which clearly identifies everything we are and wish to offer our customers”, states Albert Piñol.

Looking for a fragrance manufacturer that offers us effective and efficient solutions? Here at Àuria Perfumes we accompany you throughout the fragrance creation process, enabling you to make decisions at each stage of the development procedure. We are your perfumery division, providing you with an integral design and production service to obtain an end product that will delight your consumers and help your brand grow. Contact us.