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Fragrance laboratory

Quality & Safety in Our
Manufacturing Processes

Trust in a solid Partner

To achieve your goals, at Àuria Perfumes we have an industrial facility of 10,200 square meters located in Igualada, Barcelona, equipped with clean areas, laboratories, maceration rooms, packaging areas for alcoholic products, and handling areas.

All our product developments are backed by a code of good practices and an ethical and sustainable philosophy that defines us as a company. We also have all the necessary certifications for managing our processes.

10,200m2 of facilities.
430 employees.
50M units produced per year.

Maceration rooms: Stainless steel and ATEX barrels, with a capacity of 144,000 liters per month.

Packaging rooms and automated lines for alcoholic perfumes.

Handling rooms.

We create Perfumery collections for retail chains and leading brands

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Security and quality, two priorities of our perfumery and cosmetics laboratory.

In our perfumery and cosmetics laboratory, safety and quality are our top priorities. Every product we create is the result of rigorous evaluations and tests to ensure the safety of our customers. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards at every stage of development, from ingredient selection to final packaging, thus ensuring exceptional experiences and lasting confidence in our products.

Fragrance Laboratory with Quality Certifications

In our perfume laboratory, we take pride in having internationally recognized quality certifications. These certifications are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in producing exceptional fragrances. We work diligently to meet the industry’s most demanding standards, ensuring that each creation undergoes rigorous testing and analysis to guarantee its safety, authenticity, and performance. Our dedication to obtaining and maintaining these certifications is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.


We create Perfumery collections for retail chains and leading brands

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