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What will the next year bring in terms of scent trends? Major fragrance brands already have perfume releases scheduled to debut in 2024. Are you still in time to launch a perfume for your brand next year? The answer is yes. At Àuria Perfumes, we work swiftly to fulfill perfumery projects within an average timeframe of four to six months, maintaining the highest quality standards, testing, and regulatory requirements in compliance with international standards. If you’re considering creating a perfume for your brand, we review the perfume trends of 2024 to inspire you. We’ll take care of the rest.

Upcoming Perfume Trends 2024

Perfume and cosmetics consultants reveal that consumers have leaned towards more intense and premium compositions in 2023, a trend that will continue in 2024, leading to new ingredient combinations that alter classic scores. What will we see next year in perfumery?

2 Tendencias de perfumes 2024

Reinvented Floral Notes

Thanks to new technologies allowing for more vivid and expressive extracts from fresh flowers, classic floral notes are becoming more vibrant and intense. These extraction techniques result in much more potent and realistic aromas, adding a modern touch to fragrances observed in the new perfume trends of 2024.

Green Notes

Green notes are evolving with sweet, refreshing, acidic, citrusy, and even smoky accords.

Tropical Accords

Tropical woods and fruits will flood the perfumer’s palette, giving rise to fragrant compositions that evoke a new, undiscovered nature. Keep an eye on notes of banana (leaf, palm, and flower), fig leaf, coconut wood, pineapple…


Combined with citrus touches, spices, and woods, coffee will take the spotlight in providing the composition with an energizing effect or a dark and sophisticated touch.

AURIA STRADIVARIUS MAIN LILA 1 scaled Tendencias de perfumes 2024

Alcohol-free formulas

Taking inspiration from the world of children’s perfumery, with gentle formulas respectful of delicate children’s skin, alcohol-free formulas are making headway due to increasing consumer interest in fragrances for sensitive skin. New alcohol-free perfumes result from innovation, formulated through a microemulsion process that integrates a high concentration of essential oils with water, ensuring the resulting fragrance has good fixation and longevity.

Los nuevos perfumes sin alcohol son fruto de la innovación, ya que se formulan mediante un proceso de microemulsión que permite integrar una alta concentración de aceites esenciales con agua, de manera que la fragancia resultante tenga una buena fijación y duración.

Quiet Luxury

The term ‘quiet luxury’ will take center stage in perfume trends for 2024. Consumer perfume tastes’ sophistication has translated into a higher criterion when selecting fragrances. Many consumers value ingredient quality without the necessity of a large brand behind it. Alternative and author projects are increasingly valued, as are the more understated proposals from luxury brands, showing that luxury can also be minimalist and eco-friendly.

floral perfume 1 Tendencias de perfumes 2024

Keys to the Success of a Fragrance in 2024

Creativity and Innovation

Only the most innovative perfumes capture public attention. The fragrance category is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the perfumery and cosmetics sector, so brands must be open to creativity to design distinctive fragrances that can make their mark in the market.

Quality Ingredients

The quality of ingredients, natural raw materials, and exclusive synthetic molecules contribute to a fragrance’s appeal, as the perfume itself is the main attribute for consumers when purchasing a new product.

Olfactory Experience

Fragrances that offer memorable olfactory experiences and establish emotional connections with consumers often rank high in sales lists. At Àuria Perfumes, we create fragrances with soul that evoke sensations in consumers and never leave them indifferent.


Finding a unique style that marks the brand’s DNA is important to attract a specific audience that identifies with it: from soft and minimalist perfumes to intense and complex fragrances, there are options for all tastes.

Packaging Design

The presentation of a fragrance, its bottle, and packaging contribute to consolidating its image and values, making design a significant factor for its success. Attractive packaging and a well-told story can increase a perfume’s appeal.

“At Àuria Perfumes, we have experience in producing perfumes for clients worldwide. Through our Full Service, we design perfumes with a top-tier creative team serving fashion brands, retail, emerging or rising brands, and selective labels, both nationally and internationally. We cover everything from creation and design to production, packaging, and conditioning,” explains Albert Piñol, General Director of Àuria Perfumes.

Are you considering launching a perfume in 2024? Contact us, and we’ll provide you with information.”