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For 14 years, Àuria Perfumes has been manufacturing fragrances for third parties, for big distribution chains in fashion and large retail sectors with high quality standards, to which Àuria provides services with a high production capacity (30 million units a year). In 2022, all the experience that we have acquired over these years, as well as our production capacity have encouraged us to take a leap to reconvert our social company, with the aim of offering a full-service development process to create perfumes, home scents and cosmetics.

Let’s start at the beginning: how do we create a fragrance?

Steps to create fragrances for third parties

At Àuria Perfumes, we spend between four and six months developing a project, a cologne or a perfume collection. It all starts with a meeting between our creative team and the client, in which we gather all the information needed to develop several proposals that match their needs.

Once the concept matches the client requirements, we move on to creating the olfactory composition. After that, we design the container and the packaging based on a moodboard that embodies the values that the brand wants to convey.

Our fragrance creative team is trained to offer tailor-made solutions, but if you want to save time and money, we also offer prêt-à-porter solutions (from existing olfactory compositions that can be found in our fragrance catalogue).

After selecting the scents that will be used to create the fragrances according to the client’s demands, they undergo a maceration process in our INOX and ATEX stainless steel drums, where they are stored at temperatures that range from 0 to 5 degrees and where the components are mixed and the impurities are removed. Afterwards, they undergo a filtering process and subsequent colouring, in case the fragrance so requires.

Once the fragrance has been created and the different elements have been defined (bottle, decoration, stopper, pump, bottle’s neck and case), we start the manufacturing, packaging and handling processes required for the product.

To Manufacture your Perfume

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fragrances for third parties

Àuria Perfumes can help you make your fragrance.

What kind of fragrances can we create for your brand?

Colognes (eau de toilette), perfumes (eau de parfum). We adapt to our clients’ target: fragrances for women, men, unisex or fragrances for children.

If you wish to create a line of fragrances with additional products, we also manufacture cosmetics and home scents.

From the briefing to the storytelling, this is how the fragrance for third parties creative process begins

Art and science combine in a very special synergy to create a perfume. A scent is much more than a blend of fragrant raw materials. It comes from the artistic sensitivity of perfumers and creatives who work to create a final scent which will amaze consumers.

Starting from an exhaustive work that involves identifying brand values and market trends, we obtain a briefing that will help us composing a storytelling that will provide the perfume with a unique narrative, allowing both perfumers and designers to create a coherent product for your brand.

This is how we create your fragrance

At Àuria Perfumes we have our own production line, with maceration and packaging rooms for alcoholic products, clean areas, and handling areas. We carry on stability tests and product registrations at official institutions, which allows us to deliver a perfume ready to be marketed.

In our 10,200 sqm facilities we can manufacture and macerate more than 144,000 litres per month. We have 100 INOS and ATEX drums, semi-automatic drum filling systems and pneumatic agitators that facilitate and accelerate the manufacturing process, which ends with the maceration and filtering of the perfume. This way is how we obtain a high-quality fragrance.

fragrances for third parties

Àuria is your strategic partner

Would you like to launch your own fragrance? Do you have a private label project for your brand or distribution chain (MDD)? As a strategic partner, Àuria Perfumes is the best option for big chains. We can help you make your project a reality.

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