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If you are thinking of launching a fragrance line for your brand, at Àuria Perfumes, we can help you make your project a reality by launching the right fragrances for your brand. Our 14 years of experience developing perfumes for third parties has resulted in a comprehensive service for creating and manufacturing fragrances, adapting to the needs and values of our clients.

Starting from a briefing, we create the concept around which the fragrance will revolve and, based on this, we work on the essence and packaging design. Our facilities, with our own production plant, allow us to produce the perfume with the highest quality and safety guarantees so that our clients end up with the finished product, ready to be marketed. However, before starting this process, we must consider which type of perfume is most suitable for your brand. That’s why today we share ten tips that can help you choose the right fragrances for your brand.

10 tips for selecting the right fragrances for your brand or business

Choosing the most suitable fragrances for your brand is a real challenge. You need to create an essence that represents it and appeals to its target market, taking into account multiple factors. How can we identify the most suitable target? How do we decide on the main ingredients for the perfume? What should be considered in the design? Will it be a national or international launch? We help you resolve initial doubts before starting a perfume project.

1.- Identify the target audience

The perfume launch project should begin by identifying the target audience: gender, age, and lifestyle. It is important to determine whether we are targeting a fashion or sports enthusiast consumer, for example, to define a style that suits their tastes.

Besides demographic data, it is important to consider the consumer’s needs, motivations, preferences, and desires. Are they a consumer looking for the latest trends? Are they concerned about sustainability? Do they want something exclusive that sets them apart from the rest?

Fragrances for your brand target group. Grupo de mujeres posando. Texto: consejos para seleccionar las fragancias adecuadas para tu marca

Identifying the target audience is crucial before starting a perfume project.

2.- Market research and fragrances for your brand

Knowing the trends in the perfume business is also necessary to connect with consumers’ needs and ideals.

Currently, in our country, consumer tastes are shifting from fresher and citrus compositions to more intense and oriental essences.

According to Kantar consulting, these are the olfactory families that triumph among Spanish consumers:

Female perfumery

  • 52.2% Floral
  • 29.7% Citrus
  • 29.6% Fruity
  • 20% Woody
  • 12.5% Oriental

Male perfumery

  • 39% Woody
  • 32.4% Citrus
  • 30.3% Floral
  • 20.6% Fruity
  • 19% Oriental
Mujer joven paseando en un campo de flores. Texto: consejos para seleccionar las fragancias adecuadas para tu marca

The ingredients of the fragrance become key players, as consumers want to know their origin in order to identify with the brand’s ethical values before making a purchase.

In addition, we must consider the growing concern of consumers for the environment. More and more people are demanding sustainable products and want to know the ingredients contained in the perfumes and cosmetics they use. Although perfume manufacturers have so far not specified the ingredients of a perfume, it is becoming more common to see this in fragrance communication.

Knowing that a perfume’s natural raw materials come from organic farming, fair trade, upcycling solutions – recovering raw materials from waste in the food sector – and even the result of sustainable biotechnology processes, enriches the perfume’s value proposition and can be a decisive factor for purchase.

3.- Define the fragrance’s personality

Do we want the fragrance to be an everyday essential or for special occasions? A nighttime perfume or a sparkling eau de toilette for consumers to wear in the morning? Sometimes, this will be dictated by the brand’s personality, but if not, we must undertake this exercise to reflect on what we want the brand to make the consumer feel: casual and relaxed, elegant, empowered, etc.

The emotional aspect of a fragrance goes beyond the practical use of the product related to personal hygiene and care and grooming. This is reflected in a survey conducted by Kantar among Spanish consumers:

Meaning of perfume for Spanish consumers:

  • It is part of me and my personality.
  • It is part of me… Without it, I would be missing something.
  • It makes me feel better around others.
  • I love smelling good.
  • The best thing about perfume is its elegance.
  • Remembering, exploring, sensations… The fragrance is satisfaction.

And how do consumers choose their fragrance? The consulting firm provides data:

  • 64% of female consumers choose which perfume to wear based on the occasion vs. 72% of male consumers.
  • 11% of female consumers choose randomly vs. 10% of male consumers.
  • 11% of female consumers choose based on the season vs. 9% of male consumers.
  • 10% of female consumers choose based on their mood vs. 7% of male consumers.
  • 4% of female consumers choose based on the time of day (or night) vs. 2% of male consumers.
Foto de perfume. Texto: consejos para seleccionar las fragancias adecuadas para tu marca.

Fragrances for your brand: The season of the year in which the perfume will be launched can influence the character of the scent: fresher and more invigorating for the warmer months, and more intense and spicy during colder times.

4.- Consider seasonality

The time of year chosen for the fragrance launch can also determine its character. For example, fresh, floral, and aquatic fragrances are generally better received by consumers in spring and summer, while warmer and spicier fragrances are more suitable for autumn and winter.

The season in which the perfume is launched can also determine its intensity and trail. On one hand, projection (sillage) is the ability of the perfume to be sensed – also known as its trail. On the other hand, longevity is the ability to last throughout the hours. This is a highly appreciated quality by consumers who want to feel their fragrance all day long.

5.- Storytelling

The brand and the story behind the perfume are fundamental to connecting with consumers. The perfume we develop must be consistent with the brand it represents and present an attractive story to establish an emotional connection with the consumer.

At Àuria Perfumes, we create soulful fragrances with a suggestive personality that sets them apart from the competition and establishes a solid bond with the consumer.

6.- Perfume design

Do you have a clear design in mind for your fragrance? At Àuria Perfumes, we will advise you on the best alternatives for choosing a bottle and packaging suitable for your perfume. We advocate for eco-design solutions, which improve the product’s footprint to make it as sustainable as possible, and we consider the brand’s attributes so that the fragrance fits its personality.

7.- Quality

At Àuria Perfumes, we create fragrances with high-quality ingredients, always adjusting to our client’s budgets and the product’s market positioning. Whether it’s a mass-market fragrance or a selective perfume, the final essence will result from a balance between quality and production cost to ensure the perfume is attractive to the consumer.

It is essential to conduct quality tests and verify that the perfume has the appropriate longevity and good fixation on the skin.

8.- Market tests

To ensure that the fragrance will be well received in the market, it is crucial to consider the opinions of perfume experts and a group of consumers.

Did you know that our country is used as a reference for testing perfume launches? Our cultural diversity is very interesting when it comes to verifying the acceptance of new perfumes and serves as a reference for conducting an international launch that will take the fragrance to different countries.

Bodegón de perfumes e ingredientes naturales. Texto: consejos para seleccionar las fragancias adecuadas para tu marca.

Fragrances for your brand: In which category do we want to position the perfume? Depending on the investment costs and whether it’s positioned for mass consumption or as a selective fragrance, the scent will have a defined character.

9.- Positioning

Market positioning will determine the price range of the new perfume. It must be competitive, cover production costs, and provide adequate profit for our clients, but it should also be aligned with the presentation and quality of the fragrance.

10.- National or international launch

At Àuria Perfumes, we work with a diverse range of clients, both nationally and internationally, so we have experience in projects of various sizes and scopes for fragrances for your brand.

If you want to launch a fragrance outside our borders, it is important to consider the countries where it will be sold in order to study potential cultural constraints. Additionally, it is essential to be aware of the regulations and rules governing each country, as well as to ensure consumer safety with specific tests. All these aspects are considered in the projects we carry out through our Private Label division, where we have laboratory technicians and regulatory experts who adapt client proposals to the requirements of each project.

Contact us for more information on the perfume creation process. We look forward to bringing your project to life.