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The fashion & perfumes combination is a perfect match that has led to great creations in perfumery, elevating the brand’s positioning. Today, we analyze the new consumption scenario that fashion brands face and how partnering with a third-party perfume manufacturer can be crucial to boosting sales with the strategic launch of a fragrance line.

Great perfumes to create new stories for fashion brands in perfumery

Historically, major fashion houses have understood the importance of expanding their empire beyond the runway. Just mentioning Chanel reminds us of the impact Chanel No. 5 has had on the history of perfumery. Launched in 1921 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the fragrance quickly became a symbol of elegance and sophistication, setting a precedent for the connection between fashion and fragrance.

Another example is Dior with iconic perfumes like Miss Dior and J’Adore, which not only complement the brand’s creative proposal but also offer a unique sensory experience aligned with the maison’s philosophy of timeless elegance.

1 marcas de moda desde la perfumería

New trends in responsible consumption position fragrances as products that reinforce brands’ sustainable commitment by opting for natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

A new consumption scenario… Why can fragrances help boost fashion brands through perfumery?

Why is investing in perfumes synonymous with a winning strategy for a fashion brand? While perfume sales figures continue to grow – according to Circana data capturing the selective perfumery business, luxury fragrances grew by around 17% in value between January and September 2023 – the fashion sector is not experiencing its best moment.

Acotex (National Association of Textile, Accessories, and Leather Trade) has presented the results of 2023, which show a 2.8% increase in fashion sales figures. This growth is mainly due to price increases, due to the inflation effect, rather than an increase in sales volume.

What can we expect from 2024?
Aside from economic aspects, geopolitical uncertainties, and issues stemming from climatology (it’s worth noting that rising temperatures are altering the seasonal cycle and consequently, the seasonality of fashion collections), there is a clear trend that is changing the rules of the fashion world, and that is the change in consumer habits.

Sustainability and mindful consumption will further slow down the purchase of new clothing items. Consumers will prioritize quality over variety, preferring to invest in garments that make a difference in their wardrobes and have a sustainable origin.

Faced with this panorama, brands must design new, more efficient strategies to keep consumers within their sphere of influence to remain present in their lives. And the universe of perfumery becomes a unique gateway to thrill them with the codes and values of the brand.

2 marcas de moda desde la perfumería

Perfumes become the gateway for consumers into the universe of fashion brands.

Perfumes, key in fashion brands’ strategies.


Sustainable Consumption

The sustainable approach of the perfumery industry reinforces the image of brands’ commitment. The use of natural ingredients or those developed with sustainable principles and the design of eco-friendly packaging demonstrate that another way of consumption is possible.

Brand Reinforcement

The launch of perfume collections for fashion brands contributes to reinforcing the brand’s presence in the market and allows reaching new customers.


Creating fragrances that express the brand’s values on a sensory level emphasizes its creative and innovative capabilities.


Diversifying the business allows brands to adapt their portfolio to a changing market, reducing dependence on the sales evolution of a single category.


Impulsamos marcas de moda desde la perfumería.

Through perfumes, we can create olfactory stories that drive fashion brands from the perfume industry.


Sensorial Experiences

Fragrances have a very powerful emotional connection with consumers and contribute to creating positive associations with brands. Perfumes born from a fashion brand complete the universe of brands and provide consumers with the perfect olfactory complement for their outfit.


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