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The perfume business is in a golden moment, as reflected in sales data for the first half of 2022. The benefits of fragrances on mood are appreciated by many consumers who find perfume a balm for the senses and, through it, boosts their confidence at a time when they are more lacking than ever in feelings of well-being.

How can we help them bring the positive effects of the fragrances they already enjoy personally into the home? As manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics for third parties, at Àuria Perfumes, we have in our portfolio lines of perfumes for the home. We design and manufacture mikados, scented candles, and air fresheners to create unique and different spaces through fragrance.

5 things you need to know to make home perfumes that connect with consumers.

home fragrances manufacturing

Knowing consumer preferences is essential when considering the development of a line of home fragrances. Health and a comfortable home are now two of their priorities.


1.- Knowing the “self-sumer”

The post-pandemic consumer has transformed values and habits. After two years of coping with the coronavirus and living with social restrictions, the population has prioritized health, and the home has become a safe place. Consumer trend consultants point out that consumption is more oriented toward safety and health, experiences, and premium proposals.

Felipe Romero, CEO of The Cocktail consultancy, has coined a new marketing term related to the transformation of consumers after the pandemic, the “self-sumer.”

This is a new buyer persona that has moved from the cult of the body to the protection of well-being: there is greater attention to psychological aspects, the emotional component of the products and services we use, healthy eating, and, in general, a lifestyle that allows us to enjoy a psychological balance.

In this sense, home fragrances allow us to generate pleasant sensations in an environment that has become the center of the consumer’s life, where they only rest but also work and enjoy many leisure moments.

Home Perfume Maufacturing

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to wellness and sustainability, two notions at the heart of our home fragrance developments.

2.- Business prospects for the home fragrance category

According to Kline & Company, the home fragrance business grew by 6% in 2020, which accounted for $9.3 billion in revenue globally. The company notes that this category has seen unprecedented growth since the pandemic, as consumers have become much more aware of the importance of self-care.

Market trends beginning to emerge in 2019, especially among younger consumers (Generation Z and Millennials), have spread to different profiles that are now more sensitive to the concepts of wellness and sustainability.

The consultancy indicates that candles and mikados are with a focus on innovations and are driving the home fragrance market with a premium and exclusive positioning.

Lighting a candle or placing a perfume diffuser in a strategic place in the house to enjoy its scent is no longer limited to special moments of the year or to receive guests, but consumers have adopted a new habit of enjoying a pleasant fragrance at home as another form of personal care, turning it into a ritual that helps them connect with themselves when they are at home.

Mikado Home Perfumes

The post-pandemic consumer has transformed his habits and has adopted a new habit: enjoying a pleasant fragrance at home, understanding this ritual as another form of personal care.

3.- Home fragrances inspire the consumer and energize your business.

“At Àuria Perfumes, we manufacture home fragrances that connect with consumers because they arouse positive emotions that help them experience feelings of well-being.

A market drive that makes our products a commercial success and is therefore synonymous with business accelerator for our customers,” explains Jesús Mejías, the company’s Business Development Manager.

Currently, the development process for a home air freshener is similar to the one followed in fine perfumery. The selection of high-quality raw materials, trends based on consumer tastes, and the choice of packaging with an attractive and sustainable design make home fragrances a perfect product to complete a brand’s DNA, value proposition, and lifestyle.

In addition to all these factors, at Àuria Perfumes, we take into account one more premise for developing a home fragrance: How can a scent improve the mood?

Home Perfumes and Fragrances

“At Àuria Perfumes we manufacture home perfumes that connect with the consumer because they arouse positive emotions,” explains Jesús Mejías, Business Development of the company.

4.- Perfumes that connect with nature

The need for escape from an urban environment has given relevance to fragrances that reproduce the scent of natural habitats: forests, flower fields, the sea, etc.

Although, traditionally, home air fresheners were purchased to “cover up or camouflage bad smells”, this no longer has to be the case.

Consumers not only want to eliminate odors from a poorly ventilated kitchen or bathroom, but also want to feel a fragrance that conveys that they are breathing clean air, without unpleasant odors or pollution, and that also transports them to nature, creating a feeling of naturalness, hygiene and health.

5.- Trends in home fragrances to set the mood at home in summer

What fragrances do we recommend for you to launch a line of home fragrances with the summer season in mind?

Fragrances help the consumer to disconnect from problems and connect with “moments of happiness and calm”.

In summer we feel the need to reduce our activity. Whether it is because of the high temperatures or because it is the period par excellence for enjoying vacations, the summer season invites calm and relaxation.

We opt for scents with properties that promote relaxation, energize the senses and satisfy the desire for the escapism of consumers who need to escape from everyday reality to forget their worries.

Fragrances for relaxation: natural essences with relaxing properties recognized by aromatherapy improve rest and even favor a good night’s sleep.

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Fir
  • Cedar
  • Neroli
  • Ambergris

Fragrances that make them feel happy: those that improve mood and raise energy levels.

  • Citrus fruits (orange, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit)
  • Black currant (blackcurrant)
  • Yuzu
  • Coriander
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Geranium
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Pine
  • Flowers

Escapist fragrances: evocative perfumes that transport us to other places such as exotic jungles, the ocean or oriental paradises.

  • Marine accords
  • Tropical fruits (pineapple, mango, coconut)
  • Cinnamon
  • Tonka bean
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Black tea
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Moss
  • Sandalwood
  • Vanilla
  • Pink pepper
home perfumes manufacturing

As a manufacturer of home fragrances, our goal is to provide pleasant olfactory experiences to the consumer in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

Our vision as a company expert in designing and creating fragrances for third parties

Positive market growth forecasts for air fresheners, candles, and mikados.

-Consumer sophistication

More premium and sustainable product development

Interest in home fragrances will continue to grow. It is a trend that is here to stay, as it makes it easy and affordable to create an intimate and exclusive olfactory experience in the home, an environment where consumers want to feel safe and at ease.

For this reason, the most premium and selective proposals are going to be very well received by a consumer eager to feel special and willing to grant himself a whim within his reach that brings him multiple benefits.

In Àuria Perfumes, we work in the development of scented candles and scented mikados with a sustainable approach because the consumer demands it and because, as a responsible company committed to the environment, it is our philosophy and our commitment to a better future.

The sophistication achieved by today’s consumers, who understand that personal care and care of their environment translates into a better quality of life, will stimulate the home fragrance category, driving demand for these products.

The more experienced consumer will not limit himself to a single home fragrance. Still, just as he juxtaposes and experiments with the fragrances, he will test and play with his home fragrances.

The consumer will learn to mix and match scents to create a personal signature scent for home and enjoy choosing different scents for different rooms, creating scented zones that evoke different energies and moods, thanks to the power of aromatherapy. For example, a stimulating fragrance in the office where he teleworks and, on the other hand, a relaxing scent for the rooms where he rests.

If you are thinking of developing a line of perfumes for the home, we are the ideal partner to give shape and make your project a reality. Contact us.