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The development of a personalized perfume is a complex process that requires combining creative and technical skills, so it is necessary to have an experienced third-party fragrance manufacturer with high industrial capabilities. At Àuria Perfumes, we have been manufacturing perfumes for fashion and retail brands for 15 years, and they trust in our experts and qualified professionals who make the fragrance design process seem simple. Are you considering launching a perfume in the market? We will explain the step-by-step process of a perfumery project.


Stages of the process of creating a personalized perfume


The process of creating a personalized perfume is divided into several stages, ranging from the fragrance concept to its factory production and final handling to deliver the finished product ready for sale. Through Àuria Perfumes’ Private Label division, we offer full-service perfumery that provides a comprehensive fragrance design service to our clients, ensuring safety compliance with regulations and maintaining high-quality standards.

“Based on our clients’ needs and brand values, we create tailor-made perfume collections, from fragrance composition to product design and packaging,” explains Albert Piñol, General Manager of Àuria Perfumes.



Àuria Perfumes proceso de desarrollo de un perfume personalizado

At Àuria Perfumes, we create tailor-made perfume collections, including fragrance composition, design, and packaging.



Here’s the step-by-step process of creating a personalized perfume:


Briefing and concept definition:

The first step is to understand the client’s needs and objectives, focusing on creating a detailed briefing that includes requirements, preferences, and the brand values to be conveyed.

“Like any creative process, developing a successful perfume requires multiple interactions with the client, ensuring the creative team has all the information to develop various proposals that align with the brand’s needs. We begin with creating the olfactory proposal and then move on to designing the bottle and packaging,” explains Piñol.

During this stage, the perfume concept is defined, including the creative inspiration behind the scent, known as storytelling, which is a distinctive aspect of the projects we work on, as our mission is to create “fragrances with soul.”



Àuria Perfumes proceso de desarrollo de un perfume personalizado

As a responsible perfume manufacturer, we promote the use of ingredients from organic farming and respect biodiversity.


Selection of raw materials:


“After receiving the client’s approval for the perfume proposal, we initiate the internal process of material selection, manufacturing, maceration, packaging, and product handling,” details the company’s director.

The technical team at Àuria Perfumes selects the raw materials to be used in creating the perfume, including essential oils and synthetic molecules, which are combined to achieve the perfect fragrance for our client. Careful consideration is given to selecting the most suitable raw materials to ensure the fragrance’s long-term stability and quality.



Àuria Perfumes proceso de desarrollo de un perfume personalizado

Para diseñar un perfume personalizado, realizamos varias propuestas olfativas hasta dar con la esencia ideal para la marca de nuestro cliente.


Evaluation and formula creation:

During this stage, the selected raw materials are evaluated, and multiple formulas are created for the perfume. Different combinations of raw materials are tested to determine the aroma’s intensity and the fragrance’s longevity, both of which are crucial for the success of a perfume. This process may require multiple adjustments until the ideal formula satisfies our client’s requirements and captures the attention of consumers.

Adapting to the current trends of responsible consumption and naturalness in the beauty and personal care industry, our company offers the option to create products with natural and organic ingredients, holding the Cosmos Organic certification from Ecocert Green Life.

“La sociedad está más sensibilizada a nivel medioambiental y de salud, y ello ha provocado cambios en nuestros hábitos de consumo. Somos lo que comemos, lo que respiramos y también lo que absorbe nuestra piel y nuestro cabello. Exigimos productos de proximidad, naturales y ecológicos, un cambio que afecta directamente a los productos cosméticos a los que también pedimos que cumplan con estos requisitos”, sostiene Piñol.


Sensory evaluation and adjustments:

Once an initial formula is created, our laboratory technicians conduct sensory tests to assess the aroma’s quality and the perfume’s stability. If necessary, adjustments can be made to enhance the fragrance or its stability.


Production and packaging:

Once the client approves the final formula, we proceed with perfume production at our 10,200-square-meter factory equipped with production lines, stainless steel tanks, semi-automatic filling systems, and state-of-the-art technology focused on sustainability.

Àuria Perfumes is committed to environmental sustainability, as reflected in our Ethical and Good Governance Code, renewed in 2022. We currently have 408 solar modules that contribute to energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions. Our Igualada plant operates with 100% green energy.


Àuria Perfumes proceso de desarrollo de un perfume personalizado

Glass transparent bottle of perfume with pears, ice cube, water drops and green tree branches on the blue background. Fresh summer unisex smell. Cooling aroma. Perfume for hot weather


Finishing touches:

The final touch of the perfume is carried out by qualified personnel who handle the product with care, recognizing its special nature.

Àuria Perfumes is a socially-driven company, with 70% of our workforce comprising individuals with disabilities who have been properly trained and highly motivated to contribute their experience and passion to perfumery projects.

After completing the production and handling process, we obtain the finished product, ready to be delivered to our logistics department and distributed to our clients.


After completing the production and handling process, we obtain the finished product, ready to be delivered to our logistics department and distributed to our clients.

The time it takes to create a personalized perfume can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the fragrance and the number of adjustments required to reach the final formula. However, on average, the process of creating a personalized perfume can take around six months.

“From receiving the creative commission to the final delivery of the product to the client, the average time is four to six months,” says Piñol.

Àuria Perfumes’ full-service fragrance creation is aimed at large fashion and retail companies, emerging or established brands, selective brands, both national and international, as well as celebrities.


If you’re interested in creating your own perfume, contact us and take the first step to make it a reality.