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Consultants in perfumery and cosmetics indicate that customization is a trend that is becoming increasingly relevant. Although until now the focus of the beauty industry was on makeup and skincare, the fragrance category offers great opportunities for customization.

Why fragrance customization is an opportunity for brands and manufacturers

Fragrance customization can be an effective strategy for fashion brands and perfumery manufacturers who know how to connect with consumers by understanding their individual needs and preferences.

According to Mintel, 70% of young people in the UK want a fragrance that differentiates them from others. Meanwhile, in Spain, the consultant Kantar indicates that fragrance is for 61% of consumers their personal brand, while they like to be identified by their scent.

In the case of younger consumers, Generation Z, fragrance customization makes even more sense as they highly value individual expression. Mintel indicates that these fragrance consumers are looking for different and unusual perfumes that serve to express their uniqueness and, at the same time, transmit confidence.

Perfumery creators are exploring the different opportunities that can arise from the interest that consumers have in more diverse and personalized fragrances: from author fragrances, with creative proposals of high quality, designed for authentic perfume connoisseurs, to more commercial proposals, such as body sprays, designed to be applied with the layering technique (superposition of several fragrances to create a personal blend), the possibilities for fragrance customization are broad and can be adjusted to different types of customers and budgets.

Personalización de fragancias

From sophisticated signature fragrances to body sprays for layering, the world of personalized fragrances opens up new development opportunities for brands that want to launch a perfume line.

Customization possibilities for fragrances

Know the market

Consultants point out that many consumers look for fragrances that increase their confidence and help them express their personality. For this reason, before creating a perfume, the first thing we do is to study the market and the target audience to whom our client wants to direct the fragrance. To offer fragrance customization, it is important to understand the preferences and needs of the consumer and to understand the trends.

Customizable fragrances

Once we know the market, we can start working on different options for personalizing a fragrance.

We work in synergy with the brand to consider the different elements of the fragrance (top, heart, and base notes) and decide which ingredients and olfactory notes should be part of the basic structure of the fragrance to maintain the identity and character of the brand. From there, we must also agree on which notes and chords consumers can choose from, proposing different options so that they can choose and feel like participants in their own personalized fragrance.

Some time ago, the cost of these types of projects could become a handicap for their implementation, but the possibilities of automation that new technologies and even artificial intelligence allow today are making them viable with lower investments.

Personalización de fragancias

A personalized fragrance project can rely on feedback from the consumer who actively participates in the final product development process.

Feedback with customers

One way to offer a fragrance customization service is to ask for the participation of consumers so that, with their intervention, the manufacturer can offer a perfume that fits exactly what they want. This feedback can be used to improve the customization experience and to increase the options for customizable fragrances in the future.

For example, we can offer a number of olfactory scores as a base for the customer to smell, choose the one that best suits their preferences, and indicate what they would modify, soften, or enhance so that the perfume is totally according to their expectations. Based on this perfume tasting, perfumers can quickly modify the formula and deliver a personalized final fragrance to the customer in a short period of time. It is a model that is already working under subscription for communities of perfume lovers.

Pricing strategy

To make fragrance customization profitable, we can offer our customers options with different price ranges in order to reach consumers with different purchasing power.

At Àuria Perfumes, we believe that customization should not be exclusive to a specific audience, but should be available to a wide range of consumers, regardless of their budget. For this reason, depending on the client we work with and the positioning of their brand, we can develop customizable fragrances at affordable prices or more luxurious options, designed for the selective segment.

Personalización de fragancias

The process of creating personalized fragrances can become a phygital experience for the consumer, who enjoys experiences that combine the digital and physical realms until the acquisition of the product.

Effective and Honest Marketing:

It is important to create the personalized fragrance project in synergy with an efficient and honest marketing campaign that communicates to the consumer the value proposition of the perfumes and can convey the emotions they will feel when enjoying a fragrance customization service.

Personalized Experience:

The experience of creating a personalized fragrance can be developed either through online services, with the intervention of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, or in physical stores. In this sense, collaboration between brands and retailers is essential to create immersive experiences at the point of sale that help consumers understand and enjoy the process of creating their perfume as a unique and special moment. For this, it is vital to receive personalized attention that makes them feel unique.

As fragrance experts at Àuria Perfumes, we discover and anticipate perfume trends to help our clients translate the essence of their brand into fragrances with soul. In the case of personalized fragrances, we analyze and understand consumers’ needs to offer them a differential experience in which they feel involved by smelling, trying, and choosing their favorite olfactory chords. This way, we identify the most profitable opportunities for our clients, helping them boost their results. If you want more information about our full-service perfumery, please contact us.