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In the perfumery industry, fragrance ingredients play a fundamental role in creating a unique and appealing essence. Each ingredient used in the composition of a perfume contributes a nuance that helps shape its personality and olfactory characteristics. When combined, these ingredients create a distinctive sensory harmony that translates into a perfume with its own DNA. Both synthetic and natural ingredients offer multiple options, tailored to different budgets, for companies looking to launch their own fragrance line.


We guide our clients in the selection of fragrance ingredients.


Natural ingredients are obtained directly from raw natural materials. They bring authenticity and allow for a connection with nature, which is increasingly appreciated by consumers.

Furthermore, natural ingredients add a special touch to the final fragrance as their olfactory profile varies depending on their place of origin and harvest.

At Àuria Perfumes, we work with trusted suppliers who guarantee the quality of raw materials and ensure sustainable cultivation. We follow a responsible purchasing policy, considering not only economic criteria but also social responsibility aspects.

We also hold the Cosmos certification from Ecocert, a certification body for natural and organic cosmetics. This certification allows companies to launch their lines with the endorsement of responsible and environmentally-friendly agricultural practices.



Àuria Perfumes fabricantes de perfumes para terceros, ayudamos a las empresas a seleccionar los ingredientes de una fragancia.

At Àuria Perfumes, we select fragrance ingredients based on sustainable criteria and offer our clients the possibility of obtaining the Cosmos certification from Ecocert.


We are aware that limited availability and the difficulty of extracting certain natural ingredients can make their cost higher. Additionally, due to sustainability and species conservation considerations, some natural ingredients may be subject to restrictions or regulations. For this reason, we are open to innovations that are transforming our industry, such as bioengineering and the circular economy. On one hand, scientific research is giving us the opportunity to work with natural ingredients obtained through sustainable biotechnological processes. On the other hand, the circular economy is driving the reuse of plant-based raw materials from other industries (a trend known as upcycling). An example of this can be found in fruits used in the food industry that have a secondary use in the perfume sector, as we can extract odor molecules with great potential for perfume development.


On the other hand, synthetic ingredients are chemical compounds developed in the laboratory that imitate or reproduce specific olfactory notes found in nature. These ingredients provide stability and consistency in the composition of the perfume, as their profiles are more predictable and controllable. Perfumers generally use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients to create perfumes that produce natural sensations with extended projection and longevity that can only be achieved through the use of synthetic molecules.



Àuria Perfumes fabricantes de perfumes para terceros, ayudamos a las empresas a seleccionar los ingredientes de una fragancia.

Scientific advancements are allowing us to work with sustainable synthetic ingredients, an efficient alternative to avoid overexploitation of natural resources.


Synthetic ingredients are often more cost-effective and available in larger quantities, which can influence the final cost of the perfume and result in more affordable fragrances for consumers. It’s important to note that scientific advancements now allow us to work with ingredients derived from green chemistry. These are ingredients developed through environmentally friendly processes capable of reproducing the olfactory characteristics of natural ingredients.

One aspect to consider is that, on occasions, it is necessary and mandatory to resort to synthetic ingredients to reproduce the fragrance of silent flowers – those from which it is impossible to extract their essence for perfumes, such as lilacs or lilies – or even to comply with regulatory requirements in the perfume industry.zzz

The choice of ingredients is crucial to achieve the desired quality and originality in a line of fragrances. Perfumers and companies must carefully consider the harmony and balance between the selected ingredients, evaluating their olfactory evolution and how they interact with each other.


Àuria Perfumes fabricantes de perfumes para terceros, ayudamos a las empresas a seleccionar los ingredientes de una fragancia.

Through our Private Label perfume service for third parties, our experts guide companies throughout the process of creating a perfume, from selecting fragrance ingredients to designing the bottle and final packaging.



How to choose fragrance ingredients with the support of a third-party manufacturer:


At Àuria Perfumes, we assist companies that want to launch their own line of fragrances with a third-party perfume manufacturer, providing them with our experience and resources to add value to their perfume project. As specialized fragrance manufacturers with 15 years of experience, we can guide companies in making the most appropriate ingredient selection, as well as throughout the fragrance development and large-scale production process.

Working with a third-party perfume manufacturer gives companies access to technical knowledge and industry experience, optimizing and streamlining the fragrance creation process, while ensuring high-quality results.

The choice between synthetic and natural ingredients will depend on the brand’s positioning, investment capacity, as well as creative and sustainable criteria. The selection made will define the olfactory profile, stability, consistency, and cost of the perfume. Having the expertise and know-how of a third-party perfume manufacturer is an option that guarantees success in ingredient selection and ensures the quality of the final perfume.

As perfume manufacturers, our professionals have a deep knowledge of the ingredients available in the market and can advise the companies we work with on the most suitable options for their fragrance line.

In addition to ingredient selection, our services encompass the entire development and creation process of a perfume, as we offer full-service perfumery. This involves creating the formula to obtain a unique and attractive fragrance that aligns with the brand, as well as designing the bottle and packaging, and overseeing the entire production process, including packaging and handling. This way, our clients can have a fragrance ready to be marketed in approximately four to six months.


Collaborating with a third-party perfume manufacturer can be a strategic option for companies that want to successfully enter the fragrance business. If this applies to you, contact us for personalized information. Contact us.