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Do you know that through scent marketing, you can create sensory experiences that generate positive emotions in consumers, capturing their attention and reinforcing their loyalty? Who hasn’t stopped in front of a shop window due to the pleasant smell emanating from a store? Discover what scent marketing can bring to your business.


Scent Marketing, the secret to connecting with your consumers


Consumers are more connected than ever, exposed to a multitude of impacts and stimuli, making it increasingly challenging to empathically connect with them. By strategically employing fragrances in key physical spaces for brands and companies, we can influence the perceptions, emotions, and behaviors of customers, generating unique and memorable sensory experiences that also set us apart from the competition.

Brands and companies recognize the need to create an emotional experience beyond price, and having a scent signature is a good way to build a loving relationship with consumers.

The sense of smell is connected to areas of the brain that instantly react to olfactory stimuli. Even when consumers are oversaturated with visual impacts, the sense of smell retains its power to evoke sensations and memories from olfactory memory.


lilly scaled marketing olfativo

Through the strategic use of fragrances in key physical spaces, we can influence customers’ perceptions, emotions, and behaviors, generating unique and memorable sensory experiences.


Where can we apply scent marketing?


1.- Retail stores:

Scent marketing is useful to enhance the customer experience in commercial establishments.


2.- Hospitality

Hotels, resorts, and various tourist businesses can bolster their corporate image by creating an atmosphere that evokes comfort, relaxation, and luxury.


3.- Wellness centers

Using ambient perfumes in spas and beauty salons is very helpful in enhancing the feelings of calm and relaxation desired by customers in these establishments.


4.- Events

Standing out in trade fairs and corporate events is possible thanks to scent marketing, which helps brands and companies differentiate themselves from their competition.


5.- Airports

Creating a pleasant atmosphere in these environments, generally stressful for travelers, improves the user experience.


6.- Cultural centers

Cinemas, theaters, exhibition halls… places where the public wants to enjoy vibrant experiences. Installing devices that allow perfuming the environment is an interesting tool to make these moments memorable.


7.- Offices

Corporate spaces, reception rooms, sales areas, and bank branches are places where brand perception is highly present, and a corporate scent reinforces this value.



Implementing scent marketing with a strategy


Before starting a scent marketing strategy, it is essential to analyze the values of the brand or company to align the olfactory composition of the fragrance. It is also vital to understand the target audience and what we want to achieve with a fragrance to ambiance spaces as a branding tool:


1.- Identify the brand or company’s identity to create a fragrance in line with its values, history, and positioning.

2.- Analyze the target audience to connect with their preferences, making them participants in multi-sensory experiences.

3.- Ensure that the olfactory installation achieves a homogeneous application of the fragrance, covering the entire space without saturating the environment or leaving areas unambiguously scented.


Descubre cómo desarrollar una estrategia de marketing olfativo

At Àuria Perfumes, we help you create a corporate fragrance for successful implementation in your scent marketing strategy.



How can we help you create a scent marketing strategy?

Desde At Àuria Perfumes, we can assist you in creating your corporate fragrance for use in a scent marketing strategy.

As expert manufacturers of fragrances for third parties for 15 years, we handle your project from the initial idea to delivering the finished product: briefing, conceptualization, fragrance, and packaging design, manufacturing, packaging, stability tests, manipulations, and regulatory processes.

With our full-service perfumery model and the capacity of our 10,200 square meter industrial plant (Igualada, Barcelona), we can manufacture 25 million units of perfumes annually, serving clients of different profiles and sizes.

“Àuria Perfumes specializes in the development, manufacturing, and packaging of perfumes and cosmetics and is a leading company in the industry for third parties, including some of the main distribution chains (MDD), fashion brands, and retail. It also operates internationally, especially in the European market,” details Albert Piñol, the company’s general manager.


3 Success Stories in Scent Marketing Strategy


Investing in scent marketing is a winning long-term strategy because brands and companies that create a corporate fragrance notice its benefits even years after starting the project.

One success story is found in Zara. The Spanish fashion and home decor brand has its own scent. Its stores, spread across countries worldwide, feature a unique and recognizable fragrance for customers who love this lifestyle retailer. In fact, the scent of Zara Home is so special and desired by customers that it has led to a complete line of home fragrances for consumers to continue enjoying the scent in their own homes.

And not just Zara, but Inditex, the brand’s parent company, has scent signatures for all its brands. For example, Stradivarius, a young fashion brand, has vaporizers connected to the air conditioning, as well as manual vaporizers to perfume all corners of its stores.

Hollister Co. is another young fashion brand that has excelled through scent branding, creating a unique and inimitable atmosphere that contributes to strengthening the brand’s DNA and relationship with customers.

Music and perfume combine in Abercrombie & Fitch’s retail stores, another fashion brand that has chosen a floral essence to give its commercial spaces their character.


f you are a brand, company, or distribution chain and want to create a scent marketing strategy, now is the time to take the plunge. This is a rising practice in the retail sector, reinforcing values and storytelling, creating very positive synergies


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