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Consumer interest in unisex fragrances or genderless or gender-fluid fragrances is on the rise. It’s true that trends in perfumery are a reflection of society: the younger generations are overcoming gender barriers and seeking freedom in all areas of their lives. As experts in the creation of fragrances, at Àuria Perfumes we know just how important it is to transmit emotions through the essences we create, and unisex fragrances are an example of this.

Unisex fragrances, genderless fragrances or universal fragrances

According to Mintel, global unisex fragrance launches in 2018 stood at 51%, proof of consumers’ increasing focus on the essences themselves and their ingredients rather than references to gender.

What’s more, trend consultants highlight that the Z generation considers perfume a form of expression and feels freer to try new fragrances without the need for labels.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas explained that working “without a specific consumer” as a target makes it easier to concentrate on transmitting emotions through the ingredients. In fact, Morillas was a pioneer in unisex fragrances, creating the iconic CK One back in 1994. This genderless fragrance represents a milestone in the history of perfumery and has been a best seller ever since it was launched.

Los perfumes unisex, más comunes en la perfumería nicho, empiezan a popularizarse entre las propuestas de fragancias más comerciales, debido al creciente interés de los consumidores por estas esencias.

Unisex perfumes, traditionally more common in niche perfumery, are now growing in popularity among more commercial fragrance options as a result of consumers’ increasing interest in these essences.

Unisex fragrances: beyond niche perfumery

Genderless fragrances have tended to fit into the niche perfumery segment of the market, where the focus is on the quality of the essence rather than the dictates of marketing. Nevertheless, the success of CK One has highlighted the fact that projects like these do have a space in more commercial perfumery. Brands such as Byredo and Atelier Cologne, as well as the new olfactory proposals including Loewe Earth and Memori, the latest collection of fragrances from Kenzo, point to the growing relevance of olfactory stories, ingredients and the sustainable positioning of brands as a means of impressing consumers, regardless of the gender they are targeting.

Is the perfumery sector ready for unisex fragrances with conceptual essences?

Since the 1990s, consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about fragrances. Spain, a country that had traditionally favoured fresh, citrus-based compositions, is now seeing increasingly complex fragrances topping the list of best sellers, with ingredients from oriental perfumery, new laboratory molecules and new and original juxtapositions. It is obvious that the time has come to focus on creativity and break the boundaries of convention in order to reach out to the younger generations that still don’t identify fully with the more traditional perfumery proposals.

En Àuria Perfumes sabemos cómo articular el storytelling del perfume para elaborar un perfume universal con una composición olfativa capaz de emocionar a los consumidores, independientemente de su género.

At Àuria Perfumes, we are experts at articulating the storytelling in order to create a universal fragrance with an olfactory composition capable of stirring the emotions of our consumers, regardless of their gender.

Our vision for the creation of unisex fragrances

At Àuria Perfumes, we are ready to create fragrances whose ingredients tell a story. We know how to craft an essence that transmits the DNA of a brand with unique and differentiating characteristics that are capable of delighting consumers.

Today, fragrances are an essential fashion accessory that completes our outfit and transmits our personality to the rest of society. According to a study by Kantar for Stanpa, for 71% of Spaniards their choice of fragrance will vary depending on the occasion. In this sense, and although gender-segmented perfumes continue to dominate, unisex fragrances are an increasingly common option among consumers.

What do consumers look for in unisex fragrances?

  • An essence with character that enables them to express their personality individually.
  • Clean, quality ingredients.
  • An eco-approach.
  • An artisanal philosophy.
  • Avoidance of stereotypes.
Las nuevas generaciones de consumidores sienten que el perfume les ayuda a expresar su personalidad sin necesidad de etiquetas de género.

Younger generations of consumers consider that perfume is a way of expressing their personality without the need for gender labels.

Would you like to break the gender barrier with a unisex fragrance?

At Àuria Perfumes, we can help you develop a special fragrance thanks to our long-standing expertise in the creation of perfumes. We have more than 14 years’ experience in perfume contract manufacturing at our facilities in Igualada (Barcelona). Our facilities are on a par with a truly great company: 10,200 square metres, including a laboratory and clean zones, staffed by highly skilled professionals that know how to add a unique touch to all our fragrances, setting them apart from the rest.

We provide a full perfume creation service:

  1. Fragrance concept
  2. Briefing
  3. Formulation and manufacturing
  4. Safety test
  5. Packaging and handling.
  6. Third-party logistics

Are you a fashion firm or retailer interesting in launching your own fragrance range? Count on Àuria Perfumes as a first class partner: we will be delighted to accompany you throughout the fragrance creation process, guiding you through each stage. You can rest assured that your voice will be heard, guaranteeing a final product that is fully in line with your wishes and expectations.