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Launch your perfume brand

The 10 reasons why launching your perfume brand with Áuria Perfumes is a good idea…

Do you have a brand? We have the formula to make it more profitable. We are third-party perfume manufacturers; discover here why developing your fragrance is a good idea …

In these 14 years as perfume manufacturers, in Auria Perfumes we have found and worked on the method to INCREASE your business capacity, manufacturing your fragrance.

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Dynamize your income statement

There is no argument: perfume is one of the most profitable products for a brand, and one of the most desirable to introduce, both for its wide margins and its adaptability to the market. That is why it is feasible and attractive when you want to grow your bottom line.

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You gain brand visibility

It is no longer the value it brings, but everything your brand can transmit through its fragrance; having a line of perfumes strengthens you, distinguishes you, and gives you brand positioning. In addition, it broadens your target, potentially becoming a new consumer profile.

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Perfumes have an impact on the profitability of your business.

It is an attractive, fast-selling product that attracts the consumer and where impulse buying plays a fundamental role. The impact of having your line of fragrances helps to increase the brand’s profitability due to its weight in the product lines.



Perfumes generate a more significant repercussion for your brand

It increases profitability and gives you an easily recognizable and valued olfactory identity, which will differentiate and position you within your sector. 

For many brands, developing their perfume is an unmistakable personality trait.

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Get more and better fidelize your customers

Suppose there is an article that gives us an immediate desire. In that case, it is fragrances, precisely because of the emotional charge they carry and because they are associated with happiness and how the smell makes us feel… To this, we add that socially they are an inspirational product, capable of creating a connection with your customer that is difficult to break.

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We are perfume manufacturers and design all the creative process of your perfume

You can rest assured: we control the entire manufacturing process with the objective that your perfume and business obtain successful results, providing security and commitment. And we operate as a full service offering a complete service of the creation of collections of perfumes and cosmetics to measure, which includes the branding and design of the fragrance, to the production, packaging, handling, and delivery of the final product.

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Growth of visits to the point of sale

More traffic, more times, and more different profiles: this is the proven formula for success that comes with including a customized perfume in your portfolio.

It is guaranteed to increase sales naturally, gain positioning, and generate very gratifying results if you are joined by a solid partner such as Auria Perfumes.



Trust in a solid partner

To achieve your goals, Àuria Perfumes has an industrial plant of 10,200 square meters in Igualada, Barcelona, equipped with clean areas, laboratories, maceration rooms, alcoholic product packaging, and handling areas.

All our product developments are supported by a code of good practices and an ethical and sustainable philosophy that defines us as a company. And we have all the necessary certifications for the management of your processes.

10.200m2 plant, 430 employees, 50M units production per year

Maceration rooms: INOX and ATEX drums, capacity for 144,000 liters per month

Packaging rooms for alcoholic products

Handling rooms




You will be working with a company borned from Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our essence… We care for, create and promote an inclusive environment, and it is our reason for being. At Àuria Perfumes, we wanted to demonstrate how CSR in companies and the commitment to creating wealth can -and must- revert in favor of our society.

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You will captivate your public with a unique perfume, ‘with soul.’

Inspiring and inspired, the result of a rigorous and exclusive process with which you will get a fragrance that will not only speak of your brand, distinguishing you, but will enrich and excite you because there is much more than the exhaustive development of a quality project; there is passion, there is dedication and social transformation, which we will love to share with you.

Do you want to have your own branded perfume?

We listen to you.

Launch your Perfume