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We create Perfume brands

Are you a retailer?
We are Full service
Perfumes manufacturers.


We take care of your project.

At Áuria Perfumes, we offer a full-service concept so that creating your perfume is an integral, successful experience that you don’t have to worry about, except for sharing with our team the guidelines and objectives you want to achieve with your fragrance.

With the Full-Service concept, we take responsibility for all phases of the process of developing and creating a perfume:



Perfume development

Formulation and manufacturing

Packaging and handling

Shipping and third-party logistics.

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What does 'Full Service' mean?

It means that you bring a brand or an idea, and we give you back a fragrance of your own, personalized.

At Àuria Perfumes, we are specialists in the production and packaging of fragrances, and our FULL-SERVICE model allows us to take every step with personalized attention and the security of seeing the project through to completion: composing the olfactory score, designing the bottle and packaging;
floral perfume full service Full Service Manufacturing
We define
We select
We compose
We Design
We create
We formulate
We launch

From the design to the creation of a customized perfume:

How does the full-service system work?

At Àuria Perfumes, we understand better than anyone what it means to take care of all the phases of creating and producing a perfume; we take care of all the creative and design processes. Without neglecting any of them:

– Creative briefing to define your brand values: our team of professionals will gather your idea, give it shape, and turn it into an olfactory experience. 

– Branding and fragrance design, where we gather the client’s concerns and match them with the most relevant market trends. 

– Elaboration and proposals of the olfactory paths: Our purpose is to capture what inspires you, the essence of your brand, and we set in motion all the creative processes to achieve it, starting with the olfactory palette, the memories, and the emotions. Everything motivates you to create the olfactory path to make it a reality. 

– Manufacturing of the defined fragrance: we have an industrial plant of 10,200 m2, equipped with clean areas, laboratories, 

We have six automatic and semi-automatic perfume production lines, which can handle thousands of units per hour.

In addition, we pay special attention to packaging and conditioning since we have a qualified staff to carry out manipulations at the request of our customers, with a team of 200 people for Pack Off services (handling).

– The entire packaging system we carry out in rooms equipped for this purpose: maceration rooms, alcoholic product packaging, and handling areas.

– Perfume Launch: with the whole process of safety and regulatory testing to deliver a perfume ready to be marketed.

Do I benefit from collaborating with a full-service perfume manufacturer?

We know we have the means and integrated processes to launch your fragrance to the market with the highest quality standards and comply with all the parameters.


Throughout the product development and manufacture, the Full-Service concept is applied to customers that you feel listened to, cared for, and accompanied at all stages of the process.


This is what has made us exceptional partners when it comes to designing and manufacturing perfumes for third parties.

How is this full-service process different?

You will have a roadmap in the hands of the best collaborators you can have. Not in vain; at Àuria Perfumes, we have the most appropriate facilities and machinery to offer the excellent service that defines us.


All this, added to qualified staff, first-class facilities, and a great working capacity, makes us a perfect ally to manufacture perfumes for third parties, fashion brands, retail companies, and companies that wants to boost their income statement with a line of fragrances.

Are you a retailer? We create Private Label Perfumes for brands.

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