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Terminology in the manufacture of a proprietary perfume

OEM- Original Equipmet Manufacturing

Most companies do not produce their products but turn to other companies to do so. At Àuria Perfumes, we make our perfumes: we are manufacturers and apply that quality to all our products. That is why we are recognized as an Original Equipment Manufacturing OEM company. 

ODM – Original Developmet Manufaturing

In perfumery, this is the name given to companies that design and develop perfumes and fragrances that other brands market. This system allows brands to produce without having to get involved in the organization or operation of a factory.

ODMs such as Àuria Perfumes have sufficient capacity to handle large volume productions, following all the processes to obtain a final product with the highest quality.

CMO – Contract Manufacturing Organization

A CMO manufacturer can provide a comprehensive service from perfume development to manufacturing. This makes it easier for brands to outsource these aspects of the business to specialized companies that provide them with the entire process, allowing them to concentrate on other elements necessary for the company. 

CDO – Contract Development Organization

Under the CDO concept in perfumery, we offer, among other services: the development of formulas, stability studies, procedures, materials and olfactory development, creations, batch registration, and commercial production. All that is needed, in short, to have excellent perfume on the market.

CRO – Contract Research Organization

The CRO in perfumery refers to the Contract Research Organizations or CROs (Contract Research Organization), that is to say, to the capacity they have to carry out studies that help minimize the economic investment in the development of a perfume creation project, which we also carry out at Àuria Perfumes.

CDMO – Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization)

CDMOs are manufacturers but offer, as part of their services, the development of their perfume lines to companies. Contract Development & Manufacturing Operations (CDMO) is an essential and integral service that includes the companies’ innovative capacity when developing a perfume for third parties.


Their response agility and the regulatory terms for the manufacture of fragrances, with an organized and systematized process, maintaining all the safety protocols.

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