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Do you know what an odotype is? The term “odotype” refers to a brand or company’s corporate fragrance and represents its olfactory signature. Nowadays, it’s a resource used by companies of all kinds aiming to establish a memorable emotional connection with their audience. For instance, fashion brands often invest in developing a recognizable olfactory identity admired by consumers. Moreover, customers even have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite brand’s fragrance in their own homes.


Why have an odotype for your brand?


As a third-party perfume manufacturer for 15 years, at Àuria Perfumes, we understand that connections made through the sense of smell are incredibly powerful. Perfume has become an essential accessory for consumers who highly value its sensorial nature and its ability to generate positive sensations that reinforce self-esteem and well-being.


Through smell, we can evoke vivid memories and emotions that help strengthen bonds with brands and companies. This way, consumers become authentic brand lovers.


Having a corporate perfume enhances the brand’s credibility and value, predisposing the consumer to favorably make decisions that lead to purchases.


When developing an odotype, it becomes integrated into the brand’s identifying elements, becoming a key identifier in marketing strategies.




Odotipo: ¿cómo generar impacto a través del marketing olfativo?

The odotype is the brand’s olfactory signature and should be integrated with the rest of its identifying elements to achieve coherence and differentiation.


Who can have an odotype?


Fashion brands, hotel chains, spa and wellness centers, airports, bank offices, home decor stores, and generally, firms aiming to offer a complete sensory experience to consumers.

The odotype should be part of the brand’s identity and provoke an olfactory stimulus that creates positive associations between the sensations provoked by the fragrance and the brand.


How can you create positive impact for your brand through olfactory marketing?


An odotype allows a brand to differentiate itself from its competition through an olfactory signature that reinforces its values and positioning. It enhances the customer’s experience during purchase or while enjoying a service, resulting in loyalty due to emotional reinforcement.

A brand’s olfactory identity should be part of its marketing strategy: with the odotype, we communicate the brand’s identity and, through a marketing plan, can use that olfactory signature to influence consumer behavior and increase their loyalty. The goal is to boost positioning and increase sales.

For instance, we can scent the brand’s commercial establishments with the fragrance of its odotype. This way, consumers extend their stay in the establishment by enjoying the shopping moment in a more relaxed manner. The corporate perfume can also be sprayed on items and bags used to deliver products, expanding the sensations of the shopping experience.


Odotipo: ¿cómo generar impacto a través del marketing olfativo?

The brand’s odotype can be present in its physical spaces, where the corporate perfume positively influences the consumer’s mood, as well as on the products themselves and even on the bags used to carry them.


What should we consider when designing an odotype for a brand?


As experts in fragrance creation through our Full Service at Àuria Perfumes, we know how to approach a customized project to adapt to our clients’ needs:


  1. We analyze the brand’s identity and values: brand character, projection, style…
  2. We define the target audience: profile of the target consumer and evaluation of different emotional responses to stimuli.
  3. We seek coherence with the rest of the corporate elements: logo, colors, slogan, etc.
  4. We research market trends: identifying trends in the perfumery market and considering cultural and regional preferences for the fragrance to be well-received.
  5. We ensure a unique and distinctive olfactory signature.


Currently, odotype development is a growing area that complements the marketing strategy of brands and companies.

Our experience as third-party fragrance manufacturers makes us an ideal partner for developing olfactory marketing projects, as we have a team of high-level professionals, as well as technical means and resources that we make available to our clients. This way, we can carry out the design and creation of personalized fragrances for brands and companies in a reasonable time frame and with affordable costs.


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