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Trend consultants point out that Generation Z has a life philosophy that advocates breaking down stereotypes. They feel free regarding gender and have no barriers to enjoying perfume without prejudice. This is a magnificent opportunity for perfumers to unleash their creativity. But how can we create a perfume for young people aligned with your brand? In today’s article, we will provide you with an answer.


Generation Z: Key Things You Need to Know Before Launching a Perfume for Young People


What vision do young people have of the world around them? Digital technology, ethics, and sustainability are three values present in Generation Z. Furthermore, these are principles that influence their purchasing decisions, including those related to beauty and personal care.


¿Cómo crear un perfume para jóvenes? Descifrando los códigos de la generación Z

Technology, sustainability, and ethics are three areas of interest for Generation Z that we must keep in mind when creating perfumes for young people.



Trend consultants, manufacturers, and brands agree that seducing young consumers is not easy, but there is a great opportunity to reach them due to their strong desire to make purchases. Through the products and services they acquire, they shape and reaffirm their identity, and when they make a purchase, they want a complete experience that makes them feel that this decision is enriching them as individuals.


Social consciousness and eco-friendly products


According to the Mintel consulting firm, 36% of young consumers claim to have purchased clean products (free from chemicals), so manufacturers must study how to create their perfumes and cosmetics to align with this consumption vision. Mintel also points out that this will soon become an important group due to their purchasing power.


Producing and marketing sustainable and ethical products is a basic premise to position a brand on their radar of interest. Above all, young people prefer brands that are environmentally and socially responsible and that contribute to social causes.


At Àuria Perfumes, we are a committed company. We were founded as a social enterprise that puts people at the center and believes in real inclusion. Currently, our workforce is composed of 70% of employees with disabilities or at risk of exclusion, all of them highly qualified and motivated to add value to the perfumery projects we create.


Furthermore, we are an environmentally responsible company and have a sustainable transformation plan that is allowing us to reduce our footprint to continue growing under a sustainable model for the future.




¿Cómo crear un perfume para jóvenes? Descifrando los códigos de la generación Z

It’s important to note that a perfume for young people must have an eco-friendly DNA that aligns with their life philosophy, which is committed to the world and society.


It’s important to note that a perfume for young people must have an eco-friendly DNA that aligns with their life philosophy, which is committed to the world and society.


Young people are accustomed to constantly seeking information on the internet. Social media are their favorite channels to enjoy a pastime that combines information and entertainment. They are used to interacting with brands and are open to direct communication that clearly conveys the philosophy and values of the brands, so only authentic brands that embrace transparent communication will have the opportunity to build bonds with Generation Z. These consumers like brands that are committed to society and participate in social causes.


However, the speed at which they consume information and content has another consequence: the abuse of fleeting trends that make it difficult to choose a specific direction when planning marketing strategies for launching a perfume. One must be very sure of the concept to be chosen and have a long-term vision for the future.


¿Cómo crear un perfume para jóvenes? Descifrando los códigos de la generación Z

One way to connect with young people through their first perfumes is through olfactory compositions that have a connection to their past. Gourmand notes can be very useful in creating a perfume that excites them.


Emotions and sensory experiences in a perfume for young people


It’s important to consider that young people are not familiar with perfumery terminology, so we must carefully choose how to introduce them to the world of fragrances.


One way to connect with Generation Z is through nostalgia and sensory experiences, exploring universal emotions through olfactory compositions with a sweet touch that allows them to relive happy moments from their childhood: fruity notes, vanilla, caramel, evoke recognizable smells and flavors with positive connotations.


As these young people mature, their knowledge of perfumery will translate into more sophisticated and complex tastes.


Fragrance as a fashion accessory


Perfume is currently experiencing a golden moment. Sales figures continue to rise, a global trend worldwide. Experts explain that since the pandemic, consumers have valued fragrances more for their sensory and escapist power, allowing them to travel olfactorily to distant, exotic places, or even back to childhood.


A curious fact is that Generation Z is one of the most interested in perfume and not only apply it to their skin but also on their clothing. Currently, perfume has become a fashion accessory that is part of the outfit. Young people apply fragrance every time they leave the house, and they use a significant amount of product, making them frequent buyers.


This interest in perfumes has even reached China, a country where fragrances have not been part of the societal culture. It is young Chinese people who have driven the perfumery market, seeking to express their style and personality through fragrances.


¿Cómo crear un perfume para jóvenes? Descifrando los códigos de la generación Z

Fragrance has become a fashion accessory for young people who like to express their personality through clothing, makeup, and perfume.


Key Points: Young People and Perfumes


  1. More than half of young people own more than three perfumes.
  2. They like to use perfume every day.
  3. They want fragrances that express their personality (not necessarily tied to a gender).
  4. They seek eco-friendly products.
  5. They value brands with a sustainable and ethical philosophy.
  6. Authenticity: They identify with brands with an authentic and honest history.
  7. Package design is very important to them.
  8. Diversity of options: They reinforce their personality and mood through perfume, so they enjoy acquiring different fragrances that they can adapt to specific moments in their lives.



Do you want to launch a perfume for young people and don’t know how to take the first step? Contact us, and we will guide you through the entire process. We are third-party perfume manufacturers with a Full Service that covers everything from the idea to the final product. Shall we talk?