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Welcome to our new home, Àuria Perfumes, a project that starts with hope and energy to shift the perfume creation focus from a perspective that involves a commitment to society. Because we are much more than a perfume manufacturer. We create and design special fragrances and private label for third parties with professionalism and ethical values.

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Our project: a full-service perfume manufacturer

You already know us as Àuria, and we are now starting a new and exciting stage of our history. In 2008, we started developing perfume and cosmetic lines for third parties following the highest quality standards. Since our inception with master perfumer Ramón Monegal, we have grown, learning from every project, which has allowed us to work for big fashion brands and well-known celebrities.

In 2022, we want to add value to your projects. To do so, we have reinforced our team of experts in the art and business of perfumery, and we are now ready to become a strategic partner and design fragrances that meet your needs.

We provide a comprehensive perfume and cosmetics creation service which covers everything from branding and design to factory production and the special handling needed for such delicate items.

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Let’s work together

if you want to create your own perfume brand!

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We want to work with you…

Are you a brand, a retailer, a celebrity or maybe an influencer?

You can rely on us to provide your brand or business with an olfactory identity that will help you stand out from the competition and establish close links with your clients.

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Our motto: “Creating perfumes with soul”

We know that perfumes must connect with consumers. This can happen at first sight, just by looking at the packaging. It can also happen after smelling it, or via the storytelling of a communication campaign. At Àuria Perfumes, we hold the keys to design unique fragrances that enhance your brand value. It is our motto: “Creating perfumes with soul”.

Our projects are the result of the work carried out by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals able to fully understand your ideas and facilitate the process of creating a fragrance.

We are responsible and have a social commitment.

Our vision as a forward-looking company includes a responsible approach to the business model we develop. We create perfumes with a soul because each fragrance we design is extraordinary and because it originates from our commitment to respect the environment and contribute to society.

At Àuria Perfumes, we produce perfumes and cosmetics following sustainable standards, which allow consumers to scent and embellish their lives with products that respect the environment and prioritize natural ingredients, thus contributing to a circular economy.

We are committed to society. One of our distinguishing features is that we are a company based on the concept of social economy, which means that we are committed to social inclusion. We employ 270 people – and soon, there will be many more – with intellectual disabilities who are integrated into a quality employment project. Our goal is: to give back to society and what it has contributed to us.


if you want to create your own perfume brand!

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