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For 14 years, Àuria Perfumes has offered its services as a perfume manufacturer for third parties, managing all the manufacturing, regulatory and handling processes needed to market the products. This experience has helped us go a step further and complete our activity with a full service that also includes the creative and design processes for perfume and cosmetic lines. All this, together with our qualified staff, first class facilities and a great work capacity, makes us the perfect partner to manufacture perfumes for third parties, fashion brands, distribution chains and, basically any company wanting to boost its profit and loss account with a line of fragrances.


Why work with a perfume manufacturer for third parties?


1.- The security of having a strong partner


First of all, working with a perfume manufacturer for third parties with 14 years of experience is synonymous with security, because we guarantee our customers that they will receive a quality product. with all the safety, technical and legal standards required for its commercialisation.

Our expertise as manufacturers for brands of all sizes and profiles has given us the skills to take on projects of different nature and scope, while always adapting to the requirements of our clients and the DNA of each brand.

Moreover, Àuria Perfumes was conceived by a great master perfumer, with a creative and artisan vision of high perfumery, which is one of our main distinguishing features.

Fabricante de perfumes para terceros.

With its own production plant, qualified staff and high quality standards, Àuria Perfumes is the perfect partner for fashion brands and retailers wanting to launch their own perfume line.

2.- Quality in all the manufacturing processes and in the final product


The aim of all our projects is to offer the highest quality in the perfumes and cosmetics we manufacture, at a competitive cost.

All our products undergo several quality controls to ensure that all the formulations meet the required standards, as well as our customers’ demands.

3.- Industrial capacity

Whether it is a mass market, selective or niche brand, we offer our customers quality ingredients as well as a manufacturing plant with more than 10,200 square metres that meets the standards of a large company:


  • 1.000 square meters of cleanrooms.
  • Maceration rooms: INOX and ATEX drums, with a capacity of 144.000 litres per month.
  • Packaging rooms for alcoholic products.
  • Handling areas.

4.- Own laboratory

In our laboratory, we carry out organoleptic and physico-chemical controls of all the raw materials and of the perfumes and cosmetics we manufacture. As for the finished products, we control the closing of the packaging with a hyperbaric chamber. We also take care of the stability study, Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of the first batch, patch tests and product safety evaluations.

Tableta digital con un proyecto de diseño de perfumería. Fabricante de perfumes para terceros

Our 14 years of experience as a perfume manufacturer allow us to optimise the design and production times at a competitive cost.


5.- We developed our own system which adapts to each client

The perfumery business has evolved by diversifying the profile of the clients we work with: from large retail chains, celebrity brands, and designer brands… This new reality has allowed us to develop our own working method. This agile and flexible method has been designed to meet the needs of large companies, but also of smaller ones that require personal attention and constant support.

Our long experience as a perfume manufacturer allows us to optimise our design and production times and solve any issues quickly and efficiently.


What is going to be the focus of your perfumery/cosmetics project?


Briefing: we study and analyse your brand values and set the goals to design the perfume or cosmetic you have in mind.

2º A conceptual design that includes the creation of the formula and the packaging. We take into account the DNA of your brand, as well as the market trends and marketing strategies, in order to create a successful formula and attractive packaging design with sustainable qualities.

Technical requirements: we take care of the sourcing of all the ingredients and materials, as well as the technical and regulatory support so that you don’t have to worry about anything but creating the ideal product for your business.

Production: Our 10,200 sqm facilities allow us to manufacture and macerate more than 144,000 litres per month. Thanks to our INOX and ATEX drums, semi-automatic drum filling systems and pneumatic agitators, we can facilitate and accelerate the industrial process which ends with the maceration and filtration of the formula. At the end of the process, we obtain a high quality product.



Private Label Àuria Perfumes. Àuria Perfumes diseña y fabrica perfumes de marca blanca para terceros

At Àuria Perfumes, we adapt to every client.

6.- Our product portfolio adapts to all the perfumery and cosmetic developments


As a manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics, we have an extensive equipment, as well as our own factory. In addition, our creative departments and production lines are prepared to deal with an extensive catalogue of products, both fragrances and cosmetic lines (including natural cosmetics with Ecocert certification), not to forget our personal care and hygiene formulas.


  • We design and manufacture perfumes: for women, men, children and universal perfumes.
  • We create home scents: candles, mikados and air fresheners.
  • We design and manufacture cosmetics: facial, body and hair care lines. We also produce sun protection and dental hygiene formulas, as well as specific skin care products for babies and children.
  • We produce hand sanitiser gels.
    fabricante de perfumes para terceros

    The perfumes we deliver are ready to be marketed

    7.- Our clients can be reassured by our compliance with all the necessary permits and certificates of production, good practices and environmental management standards to launch a perfume or cosmetic on the market.


    All our product development processes are backed by a code of good practice and an ethical and sustainable philosophy.

    Àuria Perfumes holds the following certifications for the management of its processes:

    • Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
    • Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001:2015
    • Environmental Management as per European Regulation EMAS
    • Occupational health and safety in accordance with ISO 45001:2018
    • Good practices in the manufacturing of cosmetics in accordance with the ISO 22716:2008 standard
    • Cosmos Certificate (Ecocert)


    We also hold the activity licence granted by the Spanish Agency for Medications and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) Nº 9728-CS.

    Fabricante de perfumes para terceros

    We aim to create a sustainable business model which contributes to creating a better world.

8.- The perfumery and cosmetics industry is working towards a greener future


At Àuria Perfumes we know for a fact that only the companies that adopt a sustainable philosophy will have a future.

Adopting an efficient production model that reduces our carbon footprint is essential if we want to be part of a value chain that is committed to a green industry and the circular economy. For this reason, we have an energy transition plan that has enabled us to minimise our energy consumption and redirect it towards clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar energy.

Since 2003, Àuria Perfumes relies on a certified environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, and since 2013 we have been certified in accordance with the European EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) regulation”, said Marta Pelfort Gleyal, Quality Manager at Àuria Perfumes.

According to Pelfort, Àuria Perfumes has a responsible purchasing policy that looks into the composition of the products or services, as well as their origin, production conditions, life cycle and actual purchasing needs.

Regarding packaging, we follow the principles of circular economy, by prioritising the use of biodegradable materials and reusable packaging in our products.

Fabricante de perfumes para terceros.

Àuria Perfumes es una empresa de economía social que trabaja por la inclusión real de las personas con discapacidad.

9.- Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do


Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA, since we are part of a group of social economy entities that work towards the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

We have developed a diverse and inclusive business model, where the talent of our employees – of which 70% have some kind of disability – enriches our activity. We train, support and create quality employment for people who are highly committed to make their best contribution to the company and to society. As Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes, points out, a company’s sustainability plan must include social sustainability. “I would say that we are the only company in the industry that can complement the corporate social responsibility policies of its clients,” says Piñol.


Fabricante de perfumes para terceros

At Àuria Perfumes we design and manufacture perfumes with soul that amaze consumers.

10.- We create perfumes with soul

Our slogan wasn’t chosen at random, nor is it a mere marketing claim. On the contrary, it responds to a declaration of intent and the will to understand a different way of designing and manufacturing perfumes. After more than a decade dedicated to offering a manufacturing service to our customers, we are now ready to offer a full perfumery service that will meet all the needs of our partners in a global way and, at the same time, will allow us to take an important step to boost our company growth and create more inclusive jobs.


Drawing on the creative talent of our designers, we create unique and special fragrances that delight our customers and captivate consumers. We do this by putting all our passion, energy and strength into the perfumes we develop.


We would love to share our vision of perfumery with you and help you achieve your goals. Contact us at.