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Because of the brand experience it places you in and the profitability and recognition it gives you. Because of the impulse it generates in the rest of the sales channels, perfumes have an economic, image, and attraction weight at the point of sale.

If there is a reason to have a line of fragrances and for it to reach the store, it is because it multiplies your brand’s visibility.

Did you know that if there is one thing that characterizes the perfume consumer in our country, it is infidelity? Very much so.

72% of perfume buyers recognize that they can’t stick to just one;

They need to vary, combine and combine up to three or four different perfumes – depending on the occasion and mood – in the event of a crush on a particular one; it doesn’t usually last more than a year and a half…

These are data from the study ‘ Perfume and its link with the person, carried out by Kantar for the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, stanpa, which highlights two facts:

  1. The market’s constant need to renew itself, investigate and launch fragrances adapted to fashion trends is unpredictable and constantly changing to reach a public that seeks to recognize itself in them and, above all, to feel good. Suppose there is something implicit in perfuming, choosing a fragrance, trying it, closing our eyes, and experiencing the emotions it provokes. In that case, Perfume reflects our values and how we feel, empowering us when we use it. That’s its magic and one that 55% of Spanish consumers don’t intend to restart. See here how you can create the briefing for your Perfume.
  2. Impulse selling still has the potential, based on the need to make us feel good. And from which retail outlets benefit, directly or indirectly. Shopping is still the number one activity in the civilized world: we go shopping. And we are looking to feel good, and the one who combines these two concepts in a fast, economical, and inspiring way: perfumes. Therefore, brands are increasingly looking for exciting, unique fragrances to attract consumers.

In Spain, in 2021 were sold 79 million perfumes, 26% more than the previous year, of which 51 million were women’s perfumes.

Fragrances are one of the few beauty products that captivate all the senses; that impact by sight, touch, smell, and even the gesture of feeling how you spray it and how it falls influences the final purchase. It is all part of a ritual that involves you and benefits the point of sale, providing visibility and recognition.

Perfume increases profitability, the shopping basket, and foot traffic in the store. It is an attractive, fast-selling product that attracts the consumer, where impulse buying in the store plays a fundamental role. The impact of having its fragrance line helps to increase the brand’s turnover due to its weight in the remaining product lines.

object of desire perfumes

We choose perfumes because of what they generate in us: emotions and sensations: more than half of consumers look for security in them, beauty, or our personality and inner self.

Three effects that Perfume, as object of desire, provokes at the point of sale

  • Be memorable: You generate an emotional shopping experience, which remains in the memory and can be repeated, directly impacting store sales. The more niche, personalized, sustainable, and unique fragrances that appear, the more value you will have, the more Target you will reach, and the more it will impact the store’s image.
  • ACTIVATE the POINT OF SALE. What benefits him, what does he like, what is attractive, and what goes with the chain’s values? The sale of Perfume goes beyond the subway act of purchase: it is an impulse purchase that is very used and effective when activations are made at the point of sale. It motivates customers’ attention.
  • DIFFERENTIATE yourself among different establishments; even if the value offer is similar, perfumes will distinguish you.

There is no doubt that Perfume promotes and strengthens the corporate image, activates foot traffic, expands the point-of-sale shopping basket, and creates a more intimate relationship with your customers, providing an innovative perspective.

And how is this information integrated into the online channel? Here you can read about the effectiveness and personalization of e-commerce, evolution, and projection.