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At Àuria Perfumes, we have offered Perfumery for third parties services for more than 14 years and our experience has allowed us to refine our perfume production system alongside the best professionals in the sector. And even though we also have a full perfume service that enables us to take charge of the entire development, production, and handling process for a fragrance, we continue to offer perfume outsourcing services in order to provide support to sector companies that need to reinforce their activity.

A partner specialized in perfume outsourcing

Why are contract perfume outsourcing services a good idea to promote your business? Having a company specialized in perfumery, with a qualified team and its own manufacturing plant makes us a great ally for sector companies that need to reinforce their production capacity at certain moments, such as the launch of a perfume collection. The need to outsource fragrance production services can be the result of rapid growth by a manufacturer, which can enhance cooperative synergies among companies that align their standards to offer a product with identical characteristics. In this case, you can also count on our facilities.

Bodegón perfumes mujer. Ventajas de contratar un perfume outsourcing o oursourcing de perfumes.

“In addition to a full perfumery service, we can be an outsourcing and supply chain partner,” explains Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes.

As Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes explains, in addition to providing service to fashion and retail companies, the company can be “an outsourcing and supply chain partner with the most stringent quality requirements, local service, best costs and, above all, a social commitment that is manifest in benefits to society,” since it is a social company with an inclusive philosophy.

At Àuria Perfumes, we make our factory available to other manufacturing companies or trademark licensees, as well as all the services that form part of the creation, production and handling of perfumes and cosmetics.

Bodegón esencias fragancias y flores. Ventajas de contratar un outsourcing de perfumes.

As a manufacturer of perfumes for third parties, Àuria Perfumes has its own manufacturing and top-level facilities available to its clients when they need a perfume outsourcing partner.

5 advantages of contracting perfume outsourcing

1.- Top-level facilities

At Àuria Perfumes, we have our own factory that is at the same level as those of large perfume companies, with an area of 10,200 square meters and the capacity to produce 50 million units per year. We have both INOX and ATEX drums for perfume maceration, filling and white rooms, and we can also take care of the packaging (containers, caps, decoration, labels, etc.) and handling.

2.- Quality guarantee

Working with top fashion and retail brands for more than 14 years makes us a trusted ally for launching high-quality perfumery collections.

Our quality control and laboratory team scrupulously supervise each step of perfume production, from the supply to the final essence, to be certain that we have a secure and exceptional fragrance that abides by all the current standards and that meets the requirements of our clients.

We perform strict quality controls and joint monitoring with our clients, in order to offer outstanding service.

3.- Agility and efficacy

Our experience and capacity to adapt enable us to design and manufacture special products according to the needs of each client or brand in terms of design, formulation and packaging. We have the facilities of a large company staffed by outstanding professionals who know how to adapt to client requests and the final product in order to meet the requirements of each project.

In addition, our quick response time allows us to make quick changes, adapting to the client’s needs and for the benefit of smooth processes in order to speed up projects.

4.- Competitive advantage

At Àuria Perfumes, we offer our partners a team of professional experts with great experience in creating fragrances and multidisciplinary profiles to control the entire production process, including testing and regulatory processes.

Without the need to hire more staff members, thanks to our perfume outsourcing service, our partners have available experts with key competences to solve problems and streamline projects, which translates into savings in terms of both costs and time when producing a fragrance and a competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.

Bodegón perfume hombre, frutas y hierbas. Ventajas de contratar un outsourcing de perfumes.

Gracias a nuestra planta de producción de 10.200 metros cuadrados y a nuestro equipo altamente cualificado, podemos aportar valor a los proyectos de nuestros partners reforzando su actividad de creación de perfumes.

5.- Improved costs and profits

The contracting of perfume outsourcing services is one way to promote the activity of a perfume manufacturer while reducing the risks and without increasing the fixed costs, since it makes it possible to take advantage of business opportunities, increasing the production capacity without the need to make large investments in expanding the factory, purchasing new machinery or hiring more staff.

At Àuria Perfumes, we become an extension of our client’s company, making our facilities, technology and human resources available to them in order to reach a specific objective together.


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