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At Àuria Perfumes we analyze the perfume trends that are going to lead the perfume industry in 2022. Our projects are tailor-made for each client; therefore, we focus on getting to know consumers’ tastes and anticipating them in order to provide our clients with the keys that will allow them to connect with their audience.

perfume trends

Our perfume creative processes are faster and more efficient than the average, so we can develop projects in line with the latest trends without wasting time.

3 perfume trends to watch in 2022, and in the years to come

Eco Trend

It is a trend that pervades the entire beauty universe and has become more relevant as a result of the pandemic, since consumers have become more aware of their surroundings and the importance of taking care of the environment.

How does this trend translate into perfumery? As we’ve seen in other beauty categories , such as skin and hair care, natural ingredients are becoming more prominent in fragrances. It is a challenge for the industry but a necessary shift to building a better future with a sustainable supply of natural raw materials.

Well-being ingredients

Most perfume manufacturers are working on olfactory compositions that will inspire feelings of calmness and comfort in consumers. In about three years’ time, they will see the light of day… Our laboratory is now ready to produce fragrances that generate well-being.

perfume trends

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According to Euromonitor, 73% of consumers have experienced a decline in their mental health during 2021, and that’s why most of them are now focused on living a more balanced and fulfilling life to achieve a state of well-being. Despite the difficulties of the last two years, 56% of the population believe they will be happier in the next five years. According to the consulting firm, these consumers will invest in goods and services that will provide them with a better quality of life and help them achieve happiness.

This wellness trend seeks to reproduce the sensations of serenity and placidity found in natural environments so that consumers can experience them in urban environments.

Which types of perfumes channel this trend? Mainly those that include marine accords and botanical ingredients with strong natural notes that either recreate the feeling of being by the sea or in a forest.

AURIA PERFUMES: Perfume Trends. Consumers are most likely to opt for floral, fresh, fruity and citrus fragrances.

Consumers are most likely to opt for floral, fresh, fruity and citrus fragrances.

Revitalising fragrances

According to a survey conducted by Global Data

In the second quarter of 2021, consumers are most likely to opt for floral (30%), fresh (24%), fruity (23%) and citrus (22%) fragrances, a trend that indicates a preference for scents that smell clean and produce a feeling of freshness and vitality.

According to this consulting firm, Asia and Australia are the areas where floral, fresh and fruity fragrances are most prevalent. In terms of gender, the survey reveals that women are more inclined towards floral fragrances, while men opt for fresher compositions and also for marine, spicy and leathery scents.

Our vision: although the perfume business has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, consumers have demonstrated in 2021 their desire to enjoy life again and have returned to perfume stronger than ever. Fragrances are part of our culture and have a strong emotional component that people value very positively. For this reason, at Àuria Perfumes we gauge the pulse of new trends and translate them into unique fragrances that embody the values of your brand.


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    perfume trends