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Although it could be said that the essences we work with in perfumery are timeless, as many of them are made with ancestral ingredients that are in our collective memory and connect with universal emotions, the historical and social moment greatly determines the trends that star in new fragrances. As a manufacturer of perfumes for third parties, at Àuria Perfumes, we follow and analyze perfume trends to create fragrances for brands that want to have their own olfactory identity.


This is how we incorporate perfume trends to create fragrances that resonate with the consumer.


In the last two years, perfumes have gained great prominence in consumers’ lives, as they have returned to fragrances with more interest than ever after the pandemic hiatus. In perfumery, consumers have found a balm or a stimulant to feel better in their daily lives, and perfume has become a personal style accessory.

At Àuria Perfumes, we design fragrances that help brands stand out in perfumery by creating sustainable products, filled with natural ingredients, technologically advanced, and that enhance the well-being of consumers.



fragrance zoo tendencias de perfumes para crear fragancias

We design sustainable fragrances, filled with natural ingredients that improve consumers’ well-being.



Sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. At Àuria Perfumes, we always opt for the most sustainable solutions, from the sourcing of raw materials to the perfume manufacturing process.

Regarding essential oils, we work with high-quality products and carefully selected botanical extracts to provide authentic sensory experiences that are respectful of the environment to consumers.

Simultaneously, we offer recyclable and biodegradable packaging options to reduce the carbon footprint.




Tendencias de perfumes para crear fragancias para terceros

Consumers seek perfumes that not only smell good but also make them feel good. This is known as the feel-good or wellness trend.



Wellness, customization, and premiumization.


Consumers look for perfumes that not only smell good but also make them feel good. They also desire personalized and exclusive products.

According to international trend consultants, many consumers are willing to spend more on high-quality and long-lasting perfumes. This trend is reflected in the growth of luxury perfumery sales, which has seen rising figures for the past two years, setting historical records.

Is premiumization only for high-spending consumers? The reality is that it’s not. Perfumery offers various solutions that satisfy consumers’ desires in many ways. For example, with smaller formats, lighter concentrations, and even alternative presentations such as body and hair mists that retain the essence of the original fragrance at a more affordable cost (as they have less perfume concentration). These options are appreciated by both more discerning consumers, to complete a perfume line, and those with a tighter budget.


tendencias de perfumes para crear fragancias para terceros

The interest in fragrances has translated into a sophistication of consumer tastes, who increasingly value concentrated essences.



Concentrated essences


The interest in perfume has refined the tastes of consumers who want to be surprised with each new purchase. This new attitude has allowed fragrance houses to be more daring with their proposals, launching increasingly concentrated perfumes, whether they are versions of established fragrances or new ones. This trend is especially interesting in men’s perfumery, where intense perfumes with woody, spicy, accented, smoky, and liquor notes have become common.


tendencias de perfumes para crear fragancias para terceros

Technology is incorporated into the fragrance universe to enhance consumers’ sensations, allowing them to access digital experiences connected to the perfume.



Technology and experiences.


As manufacturers of perfumes for third parties, we can bring value to brands by developing interactive labels with QR codes that provide additional information about the fragrance and offer digital experiences that allow consumers to experience new stories with the perfume in an innovative way.


Fragancias unisex y genderless


The traditional differentiation between masculine and feminine perfumes has blurred to break free from gender labels. There are consumers who seek unisex and genderless fragrances as a way to express their individuality. This is an alternative that we offer to our clients if they wish to focus on open concepts that are not classified by gender.

As a manufacturer of perfumes for third parties, we follow perfume trends to create fragrances that add value to brands interested in launching a successful line of perfumes. In this way, we help our clients stand out in an increasingly demanding market and build stronger connections with their consumers. For more information, contact us without obligation.