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In the perfume industry, trends are constantly evolving, and consumers relentlessly seek new olfactory experiences that reflect their lifestyle and personality. A trend that continues to capture attention over the years is gourmand perfumes, which evoke sweet and edible sensations. These fragrances not only prove irresistible but also evoke emotions and memories in consumers. As third-party perfume manufacturers, at Àuria Perfumes, we study and analyze perfume trends to create new olfactory concepts tailored to emerging trends and the DNA of each brand.


Evolution of Gourmand Perfumes


Gourmand perfumes have experienced notable evolution in recent years. What began as fragrances focused on sweet food notes has evolved into more complex compositions that continue to explore the universe of food-related aromas, creating new and sophisticated essences.

It’s important to remember that “gourmand” comes from the French term “gourmandise,” which refers to the pleasure of eating rich foods. In perfumery, it’s a trend that explores everything related to culinary pleasures.

Traditionally, gourmand perfumes have been built on combinations of sweet notes like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate, and unexpected ingredients like spices, exotic woods, or even floral notes, thus creating a unique and multifaceted olfactory experience.

The evolution of the gourmand trend goes beyond sweet fragrances, giving rise to versatile scents that can adapt to a variety of occasions and personal styles, from daytime fragrances to seductive evening scents, depending on the ingredients.

Why do gourmand perfumes never go out of style? The scents we associate with pleasurable foods (especially sugar) have the ability to generate dopamine in the brain, known as the happiness hormone, which creates happy and secure sensations.


Ingredientes perfumes gourmand

Sweet gourmand fragrances produce dopamine (the happiness hormone), creating happy and pleasurable sensations when smelled.



Four Gourmand Trends That Never Go Out of Style


Sugary Gourmand


The gourmand trend began in 1992 with the launch of Angel by Mugler, an olfactory composition incorporating a note of caramelized sugar or cotton candy, the addictive ethyl maltol, which successfully stormed the perfume market.


Gourmand floral y afrutado


Later on, the gourmand trend introduced variations that included floral and fruity accords with a gourmet and even romantic touch. It moved beyond the realm of desserts to elevate the trend to a sophisticated status befitting selective fragrances.


Renewed Sweet Gourmand


The sweet trend in perfumery has evolved in recent years towards new notes that play with more abstract concepts like luminosity and textures. Technology allows for the creation of new flower and fruit extracts, more vivid and real, and on the other hand, the development of new molecules that recreate creamy, juicy, unctuous, crispy sensations… increasing the complexity of fragrances. This is a game that niche perfumery has fully embraced.


Salty Gourmand


The gourmand trend takes new directions towards territories that transport us to the aromas and sensations of salty foods. Can a tomato, a carrot, or cauliflower inspire a perfume? Although until relatively recently commercial brands didn’t want to highlight unusual ingredients for consumers in their perfumes, some have been silently using them; for example, carrot, whose scent adds sweet but refreshing nuances reminiscent of orange with a hint of vanilla. Today, some luxury and niche perfume brands clearly opt for vegetal notes that are even present in the fragrance’s name and in the visuals of the communication campaign. The boldest ones play with accords that recreate cooking techniques: steamed, boiled, roasted, smoked…


Perfumes gourmand

Understanding trends is essential to align them with the values and DNA of each brand. The goal: to design captivating perfumes that excite consumers.



Addressing gourmand trends to design unique perfumes


When designing gourmand perfumes for third parties, we adopt a meticulous approach that combines trend research with a deep understanding of each brand’s DNA.


1.- Trend Analysis

We pay attention to the evolution of gourmand perfumes to identify new ingredients, note combinations, and fragrance styles that are gaining popularity among consumers.


2.- Innovation

We seek the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. We draw inspiration from classic gourmand scents but also introduce innovative and surprising elements that produce a WOW effect on the consumer and create memorable sensations.


3.- Customization

We tailor our creations to the gourmand trend to reflect the individuality of each brand we work with: elegance and sophistication, youthful fun, and even childlike tenderness.

The evolution of gourmand perfumes offers many opportunities for brands that can tailor the trend to their preferences, values, and positioning.


At Àuria Perfumes, we take care of the entire fragrance creation and production process, from idea to final product, resulting in exciting and captivating olfactory experiences that delight consumers worldwide. We merge creativity and innovation with our passion for perfumery to create quality fragrances that tell stories and evoke emotions.


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