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When we create a fragrance, we pay attention not only to basic aspects such as safety and quality, but also to the differentiation that allows our clients to find their niche in the market and the conception of perfumes that provide unique experiences to consumers. The alliance between brands and perfume manufacturers creates synergies that make us strategic partners in designing captivating olfactory experiences.


How should perfumes be to create unique and sensory experiences for consumers?

Although it may seem simple, one of the most challenging aspects of creating an olfactory composition is achieving an evocative essence: selecting the notes and chords that align with the brand’s values and appeal to consumers’ olfactory memory to produce a complete and gratifying sensory experience is essential to achieve the desired sensory experience.

The role of perfumers and technicians is crucial in achieving a balance while maintaining established standards, longevity, and sillage.

The connection between the brain and the sense of smell allows us to evoke feelings through fragrances, eliciting different emotional responses ranging from joy to sensuality or nostalgia.



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The collaboration between brands and perfume manufacturers creates synergies that make us strategic partners in designing captivating olfactory experiences.


How should all the necessary parameters be articulated to activate an emotional response in consumers? Although this is the best-kept secret of a perfume manufacturer, we can reveal that, in general, to create a unique consumer experience, a balanced fragrance composition with suggestive olfactory notes is essential. Its evolution should be pleasant, align with the brand’s character, and have appropriate longevity. Other aspects such as bottle design, packaging, including the weight of the glass, the cap, the perfume sprayer, also play a role in creating a complete perfume experience. At Àuria Perfumes, we ensure to meet all these requirements.


At Àuria Perfumes, we are experts in designing perfumes to create unique experiences for consumers. Discover our services.

As experts in perfume development with 15 years of experience, Àuria Perfumes offers a full-service design and creation of perfumery for third parties, fashion brands, and distribution chains, as well as for any company that wishes to have its own olfactory signature. Our Private Label division provides specialized services in designing and developing tailor-made fragrances.


How can we help our clients achieve their goals through a perfume?

1.- Fragrance conceptualization and market trend research

We work closely with the brand to understand its identity, vision, and target audience. Additionally, we continuously monitor market olfactory trends to identify strategic opportunities and create differentiating fragrances that reflect our clients’ values and personality.

We identify strategic opportunities by studying fragrance trends in perfumery to offer the best solution for our clients.


Creamos perfumes que brindan experiencias únicas a los consumidores

Identificamos oportunidades estratégicas estudiando las tendencias olfativas de la perfumería con el fin de ofrecer la mejor solución para nuestros clientes.


2.- Development of high-quality olfactory compositions

Our team of experts, perfumers, technicians, and design and marketing teams work in coordination to create unique olfactory compositions that captivate the senses and evoke emotions in consumers.

Utilizamos ingredientes de alta calidad, trabajamos con proveedores de confianza y empleamos tecnología innovadora en nuestra fábrica de más de 10.200 metros cuadrados.

We use high-quality ingredients, collaborate with trusted suppliers, and employ innovative technology in our factory spanning over 10,200 square meters.

In the past year, we have invested two million euros to improve our packaging and final product conditioning facilities, and we have also incorporated new machinery (automatic filling and packaging machines).





Creamos perfumes que brindan experiencias únicas a los consumidores

At Àuria Perfumes, we offer innovative solutions to our clients with a sustainable and socially responsible philosophy.



3.- Commitment to the environment and society

We strive to provide environmentally responsible innovative solutions without compromising the quality of our fragrances. From using natural ingredients to adopting sustainable methods in our manufacturing processes, including the implementation of an energy transition plan, all our actions are directed towards a commitment to a greener future.

Our philosophy is to take care of the nature that provides us with extraordinary essences to create perfumes. We also focus on the social aspect by being an inclusive company that employs workers with disabilities, involving them in an exciting project where they can demonstrate their talents. “We are an example of how social responsibility and wealth creation benefit our society,” says Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes.


4.- Strategic collaboration with our clients

Àuria Perfumes is not just a service provider; we seek to establish long-term strategic collaborations with our clients. Our personalized approach allows us to adapt to their specific needs and provide tailor-made solutions that drive growth and differentiation in the perfume business.


At Àuria Perfumes, we offer our partners our technical expertise, industrial capacity, and creative talent to help brands stand out through perfume and bring their ideas to life. Contact us without obligation.