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Knowing the market and your target market well is critical when you start the process of developing a perfume or a line of cosmetics. With that in mind and as experts in private label perfumes, at Àuria Perfumes, we continuously analyse market trends in the perfume industry, and we study its consumers to align our creative proposals with the demands of the market at that time, whilst always respecting the brand’s DNA as well as its values and positioning, with the goal of guaranteeing that our clients receive a coherent product that is likely to be successful.

At Àuria Perfumes, we adapt accordingly to the private label perfume project at that time

Why is it interesting for your brand to have a fragrance? Fragrances have become the engine room of the perfume and cosmetics market. After the consequences we have seen from the impact of COVID-19 that resulted in the perfume and cosmetics market falling 10% in Spain according to data from Stanpa, 2021 has been a year of recovery. The sector closed 2021 with 7.38% growth in comparison to 2020. That being said, figures were still 3% lower than 2019.

In the perfume category, the female grew 33.8% and male 31.5% during the past year.

This good outlook has made it possible for 2022 to begin with strong sales volumes which can give manufacturing a boost, in the same way that the fragrance category has been doing. Industry insiders have pointed to the fact that perfume sales have grown between January and May this year by around 15% in Spain. This is a percentage that is higher than the one registered in the same period for 2019, which is one we take as a reference to measure market performance as it was the last fiscal period that wasn’t disrupted by coronavirus.

Looking beyond our borders, Spain is the second biggest exporter of perfumes in the world and is inside the world’s top 10 in the fragrance and cosmetics market.

The Stanpa data revealed that exports grew by 22.7% in 2021 and 3% when we compare back to 2019. This translates to turnover of 5.384 million Euros.

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From our point of view, the energy that surrounds the perfume category will continue during the summer months, a period in which consumers want to enjoy sensations that we associate with holidaying and relaxing, in which there is room for affordable luxuries such as a fragrance. Furthermore, it’s necessary to take into account the return of international tourism where tourists will combine days to relax with shopping plans in Spain.


Who is a fragrance consumer? Get to know who your target audience in order to design the best perfumes for your private label

The growing number of perfume consumers leaves us with the following figure for 2021: 51 million feminine perfumes sold and 12 million male perfumes sold.

If we take a look at the data of the buyers, we can see that 14.2 million people bought fragrances during 2021:

  • 6.9 million people bought luxury perfumes.
  • 10.3 million buyers purchased mass-market fragrances

In the study named, “El perfume y su vínculo con la persona” (The Perfume and its Link to the Person), carried out by Kantar for Stanpa, some interesting data sets emerged that can help us get to know more about perfume consumers:

55% of Spaniards consider it essential to use a perfume on a daily basis.

  • 7% use a perfume every day.
  • 94.6% use perfume more or less frequently

But what does the current consumer look like? Below, we analyse the key data points that define fragrance consumers.


Mujer, comida campestre. Àuria Perfumes, fabricante de perfumes de marca blanca.

The new profile of consumer is conscious and charitable, with that person identifying more with responsable and respectful brands towards the environment and society.

7 keys to create a perfume that will attract consumers

A more conscious and charitable consumer

At Àuria Perfumes, we have been working a long time in trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We are conscious of the fact that we need to redouble our efforts to work towards a better future, and therefore we have started focusing on new perfumery and cosmetics projects under a sustainable perspective, that employ resources in a responsible way, reducing their impact on the environment. Furthermore, we are taking note of the growing interest in consumers who want natural ingredients in their products, and, with that in mind, we now rely on the Ecocert stamp so that we can offer to our clients a guarantee when we come to designing their natural fragrance or cosmetic product.

Another important aspect to consider, given that we are talking about sustainability, is social responsibility. Àuria Perfumes is a company that depends on a social work group that supports, trains and employs people with disabilities. 70% of our team is made up of people who have a disability and who have been trained adequately to perform high-quality professional work.

Our philosophy is to offer a project for life to anyone involved in the activities of Àuria Perfumes, as we commit ourselves to diversity and inclusion as a reflection of a modern society in which ethical values must prevail.

As Albert PiñolGeneral Director of the Company, explains, the evolution of Àuria Perfumes towards a full-service perfume model aims to “attract companies that want to participate in long-term social projects with the highest standards of service and quality, and with competitive costs”.

For all those reasons, our line of business and our sustainable developments fit socially and environmentally with the values of consumers nowadays who are conscious, sustainable and charitable.

Women buy more perfumes, but men use perfumes more frequently

The Kantar data shows that, despite the fact that 64% of the consumers in the fragrance market are female, the percentage of women that apply a perfume every day is 59%.

As for men, 36% of them buy perfume, but 69% of them use them on a daily basis.

Who uses perfume more? Young or older consumers?

The age group between 45 and 54 years is the biggest consumer of fragrances: 78% of consumers in this age range use perfume every day and 21% do so regularly.  As for young consumers: 66% use perfume every day and 26% do so on a regular basis.

Private Label Àuria Perfumes. Àuria Perfumes diseña y fabrica perfumes de marca blanca para terceros

Àuria Perfumes designs and manufactures private label perfumes for third parties, fashion firms, distribution chains and for any company that wants to boost their bottom line with an exclusive perfume that is of high quality and connects with consumers.


Are you loyal to a fragrance?

71% of consumers are seduced by variety and alternate between fragrances, whereas 29% maintain loyalty to one brand.

61% of Consumers recognise that they like the fact that the perfume acts as almost their personal brand, but also 67% of consumers like to change their perfume according to the situation.

Are men or women more loyal? Here is what the data showed:

  • 73% of women alternate between various perfumes.
  • 27% of women use just one perfume.


  • 67% of men alternate between various perfumes.
  • 33% of men use just one perfume.


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Who feels more attracted to new perfumes, women or men?

Women are the most sensitive when it comes to new product launches. 39.7% of women use a perfume that has been in the market for less than one year.

On the other hand, men are more loyal to their fragrance over a longer period of time. 38.9% use a perfume that has been in the market for more than 5 years.


What are the favourite aromas amongst consumers?


A study by Kantar revealed that floral fragrances, that is to say those fragrances that create sensations of nature and fruit, are the favourite amongst consumers. But there is one curious statistic outlying in the research, and that is that 8.7% of consumers identify with a particular perfume brand. Furthermore, 22.5% of the survey respondents recognised and remembered a particular aroma of the perfume brand.


Ramos de flores. Àuria Perfumes, fabricante de perfumes de marca blanca.

Floral fragrances are the favourite amongst consumers, before being closely following by citric and fruit essences.

Favourite fragances for women:

  • 52% Floral
  • 29.7% Citric
  • 29.6% Fruit
  • 20% Wood Essences
  • 12.5% Oriental

Favourite fragrances for men:

  • 39% Wood Essences
  • 32.4% Citric
  • 30.3% Floral
  • 20.6% Fruit Essences
  • 19% Oriental


What is the attribute that is most valued at the point of purchase and choosing a fragrance? For 84% it is equally important for men as for women is how it smells, which comes before price and the brand.


What sensations attract perfume consumers at the point of purchasing and choosing a fragrance?

60% of consumers are looking for perfumes that awaken sensations:

  • 70% Relaxation
  • 58% Luxury
  • 58% Sophistication



At Àuria Perfumes we take care of the entire process from design, to manufacturing, to handling and the management of regulatory issues that is required to create a fragrance. Do you want to know how we can help you launch a perfume or line of cosmetics? Get in touch with us today.



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