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Nail polishes Private label

Create aditional revenue in a volume category for retailers

We are experts in the nail polishes category.

Create your private label nail polishes with us.

Are you a retailer? We help retailers succed in this category with an expert team.

From the design phase to the end of the process, we cover all stages with continuous, tailor-made work, where research and development are the priority. This is how we find innovative formulations to create unforgettable nail polishes.

Are you a Retailer looking for your own Private Label?

Launch your nail polishes brand!

Four reasons to develop your nail polish brand


The product: It is attractive, timeless, always in fashion, and a sales hook that makes a brand profitable,


The Process. You won’t have to worry about anything; we take care of all aspects of manufacturing until the final result: from product testing, notifications, cosmetic dossiers, etc., thanks to the technical team that will take care of everything. 


Service. Responsibility, professionalism, and efficiency when designing your collection.


The result. You have a turnkey product: from its design and development to its production and final commercialization.

Type of products

Discover here 7 top advantages in creating your private label nail polishes brand

The final product is dermatologically tested and does not contain silicones, parabens, or oils.

We design them entirely with your values and objectives in mind

For safety: Toxic-free, they are safe to use and meet all requirements.

Our commitment and integral support in obtaining excellency in the final product.

We can adapt to your needs

We eliminate competition

Quality speaks for itself

The nail polishes do not contain any of the 26 mandatory allergenic ingredients according to Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009.

Our private label nail polishes are:

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Are you a Retailer looking for your own Private Label?

Launch your nail polishes brand!