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As a third-party perfume manufacturer, at Àuria Perfumes we are aware of the importance of offering not only great production capacity to our customers but also the necessary flexibility to adjust production at all times to market demand. Due to the growth experienced by the fragrance sector in the last year, the company has become a strategic partner for fashion and retail brands that want to launch a perfume, as well as for other perfume manufacturers that need to reinforce their production capacity at a given moment.

Improve your competitiveness with a perfume manufacturer that boosts your production capacity

Production capacity is a key factor for a third-party perfume manufacturer as it allows them to respond to consumer demands and give a satisfactory response to customers, who can take advantage of market evolutionary trends by increasing their production and, therefore, increasing their sales.

“Our goal is to achieve, in approximately one year, a turnover of 20 million euros, 20% above the current one, and a production of more than 25 million perfume units,” explains Albert Piñol, general manager of the company.

To achieve this goal, the company has invested 2 million euros in an internal restructuring that has allowed them to create the Private Label division, making them a solid third-party perfume manufacturer. This investment has meant improvements in the packaging and final packaging of the product. In addition, new machinery has been incorporated (a packaging machine and an automatic case packer), the staff has been reinforced by creating new design and marketing areas and talent has been attracted to the R&D, Innovation, and Supply Chain teams.

production capacity

The Àuria Perfumes factory has INOX and ATEX barrels for the manufacture and maceration of 144,000 liters of perfume per month.

How do we optimize production capacity to improve the processes involved in developing a perfume?

1.- Automation

Àuria Perfumes has its own factory with installations and machines at the level of a large company:

  • Fillers: The plant has semi-automatic fillers of 1.5 ml vials to 10 ml and 500 ml to 5 l bottles, as well as semi-automatic fillers with manual feed for containers from 30 ml to 500 ml.
  • Lotification: It has ink jet indelible ink lotification machines for containers and packaging, and also laser lotification.
  • Labeler: It has automatic labelers that allow the labeling of cylindrical products with wrap-around labels and the labeling of flat containers.
  • Case packing: For the case packing process we have experienced personnel who add a human touch to the final product. Àuria Perfumes is a social company that has a staff of 430 workers, 70% of whom have intellectual disabilities or are at risk of exclusion. The goal of the company is to offer job opportunities adapted to the capabilities of these workers to guarantee their labor and social integration.
  • Sealers: We have semi-automatic sealers for packaging.
perfume production

Àuria Perfumes is a social company that employs people with disabilities perfectly qualified to carry out the final handling of perfume production.


2.- Process improvement

The company develops a continuous improvement strategy to offer the best service to its customers by incorporating the latest advances in R&D. In this way, it identifies and improves the efficiency of production.

The company operates under an ISO 22716:2008 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products code and has various certifications:

ISO 22716:2008 Quality Management
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management
EMAS European Regulation Environmental Management

Flor rosa. production capacity

Àuria Perfumes works with an efficient procurement plan that guarantees the efficiency of the factory and the good performance of the production capacity.

3.- Supply chain

The company has an efficient procurement plan that allows it to have sufficient raw materials with an ideal quality and cost ratio, which translates into investment savings for its customers. An optimized supply chain helps reduce waiting times and extra expenses associated with the fluctuation of raw material prices, in addition to being able to adjust production times to the deadlines set by the customer so that there is no delay in the delivery of the final product.

“Àuria Perfumes offers quality, great experience in the knowledge of categories, flexibility, agility, and commitment, together with an industrial capacity and an excellent competitive cost relationship,” explains Jesús Mejías, Business Development Manager of the company.

As an ally of fashion, retail, and large distribution brands, Àuria Perfumes is the ideal partner for companies that want to launch a perfume or a line of fragrances, whether they be perfumes for women, men, children, or unisex fragrances. In addition, the factory equipment allows the production of other product categories, such as home fragrancing and cosmetics, always attending to the needs of each client in terms of design, formulation, and packaging with the highest quality standards.

An experience of more than 14 years in the perfume sector gives the Àuria Perfumes team an excellent qualification to guide each customer towards the best result. Take the first step and contact us.