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Quality plays a fundamental role in perfume manufacturing, as it determines the excellence of the final product and is a key attribute in meeting customer and end-consumer expectations. How do we ensure quality in perfume manufacturing at Àuria Perfumes? Let us explain.


Àuria Perfumes Private Label Division: Maintaining Quality in Perfume Manufacturing for Third Parties


The quality of a perfume is measured based on various parameters: consistency, purity, fragrance stability, and longevity. Additionally, two factors, although not directly related to the quality of the fragrance itself, are essential for maintaining safety and regulatory compliance. At Àuria Perfumes, our technicians meticulously address these factors.



calidad en la fabricación de perfumes

We work with trusted suppliers who adhere to high-quality standards to ensure the excellence of the fragrances we create.


So, how do we guarantee quality in perfume manufacturing for our clients? Firstly, we utilize high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers. “We demand local, natural, and eco-friendly products,” explains Marta Pelfort, Quality Director at Àuria Perfumes.


Next, our laboratory handles the ingredients with care to preserve the product’s characteristics.


“The perfume and cosmetics laboratory must have control from the formulation stage, monitoring its stability over time, as well as compatibility with the packaging material. Once this essential step is ensured, we continue to control critical parameters during the manufacturing and packaging process to maintain the product’s quality throughout,” details Carol Corma, Technical Laboratory Manager at Àuria Perfumes.


To guarantee quality in perfume manufacturing, rigorous processes are necessary to ensure high standards are met in every phase of fragrance development.


calidad en la fabricación de perfumes

We analyze the purity of the raw materials we work with to preserve the quality and stability of the perfume formula.


Raw Materials


We carefully select ingredients used in perfume formulation, working with reliable and certified suppliers who comply with regulations applicable to the perfume industry. We conduct tests on raw materials to guarantee their purity and quality, including evaluating their chemical composition and detecting any potential impurities or contaminants.


Perfume Composition


Qualified perfumers are involved in the perfume composition process, ensuring coherence with the creative concept and aligning with marketing objectives and market trends.

During production, we conduct various process controls to guarantee consistency and reproducibility for each batch manufactured. This involves analyzing critical parameters such as temperature, mixing time, and precise ingredient addition.

It is important to establish the formula and production processes to ensure consistent composition over time and across different manufacturing batches. To achieve this, we perform quality controls that include olfactory tests, chemical analysis, and stability testing throughout the manufacturing process and for each perfume batch. This is crucial in ensuring consumer satisfaction and loyalty to the fragrance.



calidad en la fabricación de perfumes

We conduct stability tests and sensory evaluations to guarantee quality in perfume manufacturing.


Stability Testing

Perfumes undergo stability testing to evaluate their resistance to factors such as light, heat, and air. These tests help predict the product’s shelf life and ensure that the fragrance remains intact during the recommended period of use.


Sensory Evaluation


In addition to chemical analysis, sensory evaluation is indispensable in perfume manufacturing. Expert evaluators conduct olfactory tests to ensure that the fragrance meets quality standards and evokes the desired experience. Tests and evaluations are also performed to guarantee fragrance stability over time and under different storage conditions.


Regulatory Compliance


Compliance with national and international regulations applicable to cosmetic and perfume products is fundamental. This includes proper labeling, ingredient declaration, and adherence to restrictions on the use of restricted or prohibited substances.


Why is preserving quality in perfumes manufactured for third parties relevant?


Quality in perfume manufacturing contributes to the brand’s reputation and credibility. Consumers associate quality with a trustworthy and respectable brand.

For this reason, at Àuria Perfumes, we prioritize quality in all the projects we develop for third parties. Thanks to our 15 years of experience as perfume manufacturers, including extensive experience in fragrance projects for fashion and retail brands, we know that investing in quality is essential when launching a perfume. Only by doing so can we add value to the brand image.

Quality in perfume manufacturing is essential to ensure product excellence, guarantee the safety of the end-user, maintain fragrance stability and longevity, and build a strong reputation in the market.


calidad en la fabricación de perfumes

The quality of the essence is crucial in captivating the consumer and strengthening the love for the brand.


How does the end consumer perceive quality in perfume manufacturing?


A high-quality fragrance ensures customer satisfaction, strengthens the brand image, and fosters consumer loyalty. And that is our goal: to captivate consumers with a perfume that excites them and is present in their memorable moments.


Consumers perceive the quality of perfume very positively. For example, they enjoy fragrances with longer durations that remain intact throughout the day, something that we can only achieve by using quality ingredients and applying respectful processes that guarantee the purity of the essence. The perfumes we design are formulated to endure on the skin for hours, providing a lasting and pleasant olfactory experience.


At Àuria Perfumes, we ensure that each fragrance meets the highest quality standards and that the end consumer enjoys the perfume to its fullest, strengthening their love for the brand.


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