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Two months ago, we welcomed the Televisión Española team from “Aquí hay trabajo” to our factory in Igualada (Barcelona). They visited our facilities and were able to firsthand experience how things are done at Àuria Perfumes, a company specializing in the manufacturing of perfumes for third parties, which includes 70% of workers with disabilities or at risk of inclusion in its workforce. This is one of our hallmarks because we are a socially responsible company, and it is genuinely a positive surprise for everyone who gets to know us. Is an inclusive employment project possible in the world of perfumery? Absolutely; it is our company philosophy and what motivates us to keep growing. Today, we explain our philosophy regarding social responsibility in perfume manufacturing.


“Aquí hay trabajo”, de TVE, durante la grabación del programa en las instalaciones de Àuria Perfumes.

The team from “Aquí hay trabajo” on TVE during the filming of the program at Àuria Perfumes’ facilities in Igualada.

Making Social Responsibility a Reality in Perfume Manufacturing

At Àuria Perfumes, we have been producing dreams around perfume for 15 years. We design and manufacture perfumes for third parties – fashion brands and large retail chains are our main clients – and we do it with a social focus, as we train and employ people with disabilities, actively promoting real inclusion in society. Our essence is to create perfumes with a soul because we believe fragrances should develop an olfactory story that inspires and captivates consumers. But we also do it with a motivated, diverse, and inclusive team that adds value to the product and enhances its attractiveness.


“Yesterday, I visited a perfume company in Igualada. It wouldn’t be news because we have many excellent perfume manufacturers in our country. This one was like all and different from all. Quality, competitiveness, and the talent of its 450 employees, 70% of whom have intellectual disabilities,” summarized Val Díez, CEO of Stanpa, her visit to our factory a few months ago. Visiting our facilities goes beyond checking technology and production capacity – it’s our philosophy, based on a social sustainability model, that truly makes the difference.



Val Díez, directora general de Stanpa, visita Àuria Perfumes (Igualada).

Val Díez, CEO of Stanpa, visited us to get a firsthand look at our facilities, workforce, and our social responsibility model as a third-party perfume manufacturer.



With the aim of offering our customers the highest quality in perfumes and cosmetics, in 2022, we improved our facilities and strengthened our workforce, increasing it by 15%. As of today, we have 450 employees, 70% of whom have some form of intellectual disability exceeding 33%, have special difficulties, or are at risk of exclusion or vulnerability.


“We are a special employment center. Our goal is to train people who have more difficulty entering the job market,” emphasizes Albert Piñol, CEO of Àuria Perfumes.



elegir a un fabricante de perfumes a terceros

All work teams at Àuria Perfumes collaborate synergistically in the perfume development processes, setting an example that real inclusion is possible and adds value to companies.


Philosophy: Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Perfume Manufacturing


According to the consulting firm Mintel, 58% of Spaniards believe that brands should do more to make their products inclusive. While inclusion used to focus on the consumer – offering products adapted to their skin tone in the case of makeup, for example – it must now also encompass corporate policies. Internally, companies must align their approaches with those of a modern, diverse, and inclusive society. It’s a fact that consumers are more interested in brands that align with their life values, including inclusion.


We don’t forget about sustainability, a factor that will shape the future of the industry. According to Nielsen, 73% of Spaniards consider sustainability more important now than it was two years ago. The consulting firm estimates that in the next 5-10 years, we will witness a rapid evolution in consumer perception of sustainability, which will force manufacturers and brands to transform and commit to a business model that is responsible for both the environment and society.


At Àuria Perfumes, we are part of the “Companies for Climate” initiative, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. We have implemented an energy transition plan that includes six points: energy audits, self-consumption, energy efficiency in processes, efficient facilities and infrastructure, sustainable vehicle fleet, and training and awareness.


Since 2003, we have worked with an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001, and since 2013, we have obtained the certification of the European EMAS Regulation, “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.



Vendedora de perfumes (Àuria Perfumes).

The future of the perfume sector involves transitioning to social and environmental sustainability, two aspects that are already crucial in consumers’ purchasing decisions.


We are aware that in recent years, consumers have become more conscious of the environmental and social impact of their purchasing decisions. They demand products and services that reflect ethical and sustainable values. However, it’s not just about satisfying the buyer; from Europe, regulatory policies are becoming increasingly stringent in terms of social responsibility and sustainability, restricting the marketing of perfumes and cosmetics that do not comply with current regulations.


At Àuria Perfumes, we are ready to move toward a sustainable future in environmental and social perfumery. We are convinced that the implementation of sustainable plans results in improved operational efficiency, resource optimization, waste reduction, and more responsible supply chain management, all of which are associated with significant resource and energy savings.


Do you want to join a responsible business model? At Àuria Perfumes, we can help you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals. Furthermore, collaborating with a sustainable and inclusive company can drive joint innovation in business practices. We can explore different options for sustainable fragrances and environmentally friendly packaging, which will distinguish your brand.


We invite you to watch the video that Televisión Española recorded at our facilities to see how a company that places social responsibility at the core of its perfume manufacturing strategy operates.